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I was not a fan / follower of Online Shopping until my search for things started virtually during my pregnancy . Though I had a small baby bump, travelling and shopping for many things for me was difficult , specially when I wanted things to be bought with the ease of sitting at home. The first site I googled was  I chose the Cash on Delivery option for my products ! You get a confirmation SMS /alert mail upon your order.

There were very good discounts for baby/infant products . I had ordered Wipro Baby Soft Diapers , Himalaya Baby lotion and Himalaya Baby Gentle Wash.


  • Quick Delivery , my order was delivered within a week
  • There is a refund guarantee of 30 days
  • Cash On Delivery /COD , debit card ,credit card and online payments available
  • Tracking of the products/ deliverable is possible
  • All the products reached me safely w/o any damage or spill. The products which I ordered were bubble wrapped ! 🙂
  • Good discounts for baby /infant and mothercare products


  • Didn’t find any CONS 🙂

My Experience : Extremely good . Loved the website and its services . I ordered many things from post my first experience , and trust me , my first shopping in the virtual world  was awesome.

My rating : 5/5

Would I recommend to others : Oh yeah !!

Have you ordered from Firstcry. com and `how was your virtual shopping experience ?


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Sangeetha loves balancing her personal and professional life. These days, the major chunk of her time is spent on listening to 'how to beat the Piggy from robloks'; thanks to her 8 year old daughter.


  1. I’ve never been cheated the way Firstcry has duped me. This is regarding order no. 2696730OR324FB268. I’d paid in full by card on 19th Oct for 3 garments from the brand ‘A.T.U.N’ on the first cry website. On 20th Oct I got an email stating the products are shipped and will reach me latest by 25th Oct. I tried following up multiple times with Firstcry and with Xpressbees, but couldn’t manage to get in touch with them. On calling up, the phone line would automatically get disconnected saying ‘we’ll call you back’ but no one called back. Finally I managed to speak to some customer service person who said that the products haven’t been shipped!! The system automatically sends an email saying products are shipped.. that too with a tracking number, even though actually the products haven’t been shipped!!! How unprofessional! The customer is a fool, and is supposed to keep tracking a non-existing tracking number on the Xpressbees website! Anyway, so that’s not where it ends. I specifically told them, that since this was my first order, and I’ve used my first order special discounts, I’ve got the 3 products at a very good price, so I do not want to cancel the order and am willing to accept another size or wait for longer till the product reaches me. I get a one call from them everyday, which rings for exactly 1 ring. If I manage to pick up the call, they disconnect it from their end. And then I get an email from them daily, saying we tried to call you but you did not answer your phone!!! Today they have gone ahead and cancelled my order. Inspite of replying to each mail telling them not to cancel the order. And guess what.. the exact same products are still selling on their website but obviously at a higher price. So what I understand from this is, they just conned me to sign up on their website by offering a first order discount and never meant to let me buy at that price! And very conveniently they’ve cancelled my order and are willing to refund the money to their website ‘wallet’. How very convenient!! Get a new customer, never intend to allow her to use the discounts, and block her money for 15 days, and expect her to make a 2nd purchase at higher prices to use the money from the wallet!! Do these guys really think we are such fools???
    So basically – The new customer discounts are not honored, their helplines are not reachable, they falsely inform you that the product is shipped, even though it isn’t, they don’t make a genuine effort to reach the customer to solve the problem, they do not consider special requests even though the customer has been troubled enough, they do not intend for you to get your money back even though they haven’t provided the service and they lie about products being out of stock / vendor not responding….

  2. Pratiksha Awaze on


    I ordered a lot many things from right from clothes to diapers and lotions…..all gud experience gud discounts offered.

  3. Hi Sangeetha

    My baby is now 5 months old.. And since the very 1st day I am purchasing every single thing for my princess from Firstcry only.. As I stay alone and my hubby is in Navy.. But my experience with this site is awesome.. It is actualy out of my expectations.. I just love all the deals , product packaging and product quality too.. Even u know now my mom also became fan of this site, she even started buying items for her granddaughter from this site.. We brought from Diaper , wipes to baby care products many clothes dresses and winter ware too.

  4. Hi sangeetha,
    I started online shopping with firstcry since last year.their service was too good then.but nowdays its being very inefficient.i ordered diapers of L size and they sent M.when i reaced to customer care they said that there is no refund or return for diapers ,what would i say now

  5. dinesh aggarwal on

    This site Firstcry and company is one of the harassing site. I ordered some item of 669 + 50 rupees shipping using my cash back coupon on 31st oct. I got a mail after after 4 days on 4th Nov that they can not supply one item of 160 rupees. They will refund only 40 rupees. There response is pathetic, non cooperative. I do not recommend to buy anything from this site.

    • Dinesh,

      Aww sorry to hear your part of the story.

      Did you convey your grievance to their FB page and other feedback forums as well? Pls make sure that any delivery is a COD to ensure maximum safety and apt delivery.

    • The site name itself tells us that from first time we start shopping we will cry :). That is what happened with me too.Even after one week after shiping my orders is not delivered, even though courier location is 2 km from my home. Even customer care guys are not afraid of Consumer courts or Social network. Very inefficient company to shop with.

  6. Sangeetha, Which diaper brand you are using? pampers or wipro? Right now I am using Pampers for my 8months old baby girl. Not used Wipro. Is wipro better than Pampers?

    • Hi Suvarna I had purchased Wipro as you see in this post but was not hapy with its absorption capability. Hence purchased pampers and must say I have been using it since then. Pampers is definitely the best in terms of absorption and baby skin friendliness. Please dont go for Wipro in my opinion..

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