MAD Stuff With Rob – Earth Day Special DIY


It was World Earth Day on April 22nd.

How did you observe this very important day?

Well, I turned a trash into a treasure!!!

Sounds interesting? 

“Turning trash into treasure” –Is that ever possible?

Yes it is possible through a ROBCYCLING!!!

Read on and find out how.

DSCN2322As a parent I believe that it is neither too late nor too early to make kids understand the importance of saving and preserving the environment that he/she is living in.

Proper waste segregation, proper waste disposal, reducing wastage of materials etc. are things that you can teach your kids from a very young age.

Another way to make your little one be a part of preserving environment is by making them reuse, recycle and repurpose waste materials.

This may sound silly. But remember, little deeds make way for bigger ones. It is the small steps taken from each one of our sides that contribute to a better environment, a better tomorrow.

Reusing, recycling and repurposing waste materials are indeed a really effective way to reduce the waste that is piling up around us. The more you reuse, recycle and repurpose; the lesser the waste will be.

So on this Earth day I decided to give my little one a small intro on reusing waste materials by doing an upcycling.

To put it in simple words, my daughter and I actually did a ROBCYCLYING!!!

Wonder what a ROBCYCLING is?

Well, our amazing magical craftsman Rob, of MAD Stuff with Rob has come up with a super video for kids on this Earth day.

Through this video he is showing how to ROBCYCLE trash.

As always he has come up with an easy and fun activity, but this time with a more important message of up cycling and a simple way to contribute towards the saving of our planet Earth.

To put it in Rob’s own words- “Robcycling is not just recycling or upcycling. It is turning trash into toys and treasures.”

After watching the video I was amazed by the fact that it is really simple and fun to up cycle trash into useful toys and other stuffs for your kids.

I didn’t think for a second and called my little one. Said that we are   going to do a fun activity and at the end she will get a new toy to play with.

What else does she want? All excited and happy she was ready to do the DIY.

We together collected the materials required for the DIY.

Believe me all the materials were easily available in my own house and it was lying around useless as trash.

Take a look at the picture to see the trash materials we used for making an amazing toy.

It took less than 20 minutes for this DIY.  It was fun doing this activity with my kid. She thoroughly enjoyed it.

Of course I made it a point to make her understand the purpose behind reusing waste materials and up cycling thrash.

So this Earth day pass the massage of Robcycling to the children.

Let them unleash their creativity and find out ways to reuse, repurpose and recycle trash to toys and treasures. Let them indulge in fun activities with a purpose.

This Earth day go MAD with Rob – Make A Difference with Rob.

Save the earth in a fun and easy way.

For more details on ROBCYCLING and the end result of our DIY, check out this video.

and subscribe to the channel.

I am sure you will enjoy doing MAD stuffs with Rob.

Have a responsible Earth Day by doing a Robcycling


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