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Hoo …. I am feeling bored.

How about putting my head inside a glass jar and keeping it inside the refrigerator? I think it is a good idea to get rid of boredom.

What do you think?

No No I haven’t gone nuts. I am absolutely fine and am seriously thinking of putting my head inside a glass jar.

Blame it on Rob from Robosphere. He is the one who gives me such uncanny ideas.


Neither does he own a magical wand nor does he have special powers. All he has is a brain full of innovations, imaginations and creativity to turn anything and everything into amazing piece of crafts and toys.

The unbeatable craftsman who does wonders with his 10 digits has hit the YouTube again with his new video. This time Rob is fully equipped to make you all Prank-enabled!!!

After all who doesn’t like pranks?

We all have enjoyed playing pranks on our friends and many a time we have fallen as the prey for those funny pranks by friends.

We will be made a fool or scared to death when falling as a prey for those well executed pranks. But years after when you look back those moments will for sure bring smile on your face and a feeling of liveliness in your heart.

Haa…. I have already gone back to the memories of my school and hostel days.  Playing pranks on friends was sort of a celebration in those days.

Remember that secret meeting you used to have to plan the pranks, the difficulty with which you used to  hide your countenance and act brilliantly to execute the prank…. and that extremely predictable reaction from your friend who has fallen prey to your naughtiness…. I am sure you all must be now having a smile on your face thinking of those funny moments with friends.

hmmm…ho I terribly miss those days.

Now as a mother to one naughty pie, I sometimes think deeply- Will our children have these kind of memories to cherish when they grow older? Am afraid they will have only faint memories of playing the latest video game or those play dates that can go all boring.

Let children be children and enjoy doing small pranks.

So with this idea in head Rob from MAD stuff with Rob is all ready to give creative directions to kids on playing pranks.

Go all creepy spooky with the Head in the Jar prank by Rob. Involve your children, play a prank and enjoy the end result.

Rob is here to teach you how to make your friends to absolutely lose their minds when they see this super creepy Head In A Jar!

Though it looks bit difficult if you watch the video you will find out that it is a fun and easy DIY.

Joining Rob is naughty Krish and his mother Kiran who is also a blogger mommy. I specially appreciate Kiran to let Krish be a kid and encourage the creative side of him.

Watch the video to learn how to keep your head inside a Jar and give that spooky effect.

Bring out the kid in you and be a prankster for you kids. Let your kids too enjoy the pranks.

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