5 Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts to Impress the Daddy Dear


Are you looking for last minute father’s day gifts?

Planning to gift him something handmade by your kids?

Here are a few Father’s Day Gifts that your kids can make with a little bit of your supervision.

It is not an easy job to be a dad; father’s role can make huge difference in a child’s life. As the saying goes “any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad.”

A father is the superman for every one of us. He is the backbone of the family. This Father’s day why not do something different on this day to let him know how much we love him. Let’s do something simple and special to thank him for being such a wonderful person whom the kids can look up to.

Father’s Day – A brief history

Modern version of Father’s day celebrations started in US in 1900s, even though the scholars claim that Father’s day was observed 4000 years ago too.

Ms Sonora Louise Smart Dodd is the lady behind popularizing Father’s day in the way we celebrate it today.

She once got a chance to listen to Mother’s Day sermon in 1909. After hearing the sermon, Ms. Dodd, who was raised by her Father, felt that if there is a Mother’s day sermon a Father’s day sermon should also be there.

Ms. Dodd’s father who was a single parent raised six children all-alone after their mother left for heaven while giving birth to the youngest child. Ms. Dodd had a strong connection with her father and she felt that there should be a day to honor fatherhood just like we have mother’s day to honor motherhood.

The first Father’s day was celebrated in June 19, 1910 at Spokane, Washington YMCA. Afterwards Ms.Dodd led vigorous campaigns to popularize Father’s day and all her struggles became worth when Father’s day celebrations started to spread all over US and finally in 1972, President Richard Nixon declared that third Sunday of June every year will be observed as National Father’s Day.

Now the celebrations are spread across the world and Fathers Day has become an important day to show respect and love for the things Father’s do for their kids.

Remembering my Dad on Father’s Day:

I so wanted to do something on this Father’s day even though I usually don’t celebrate it.

I grew up with my mom; Dad left us 26 years back.

Today Father’s day is just another reminder that dad is no longer with me.But Dad I know you are watching me over and your guiding hand will be forever on my shoulder.

Happy Father’s day to my dad in Heaven, thank you for being my dad and for all you did for me and made me the woman I am today. Thank you dad!

The father and the son:

Though I miss my Dad on this special day, I feel great happiness when I watch a father-son duo happily growing in front of me. Yes I am talking about my hubby and son.

Now we are here in Mumbai for vacations. My kiddo is already missing his Daddy. Dad and son now meets frequently through Skype calls. So according to my son Dad is now the “video calling daddy”!!!

As he is far away I just gave a thought to surprise him this Father’s Day with cute crafts made by his little one with help of his crafty mommy.

I want my husband to feel special on his day, and a Father’s Day gift made by our kiddo with me helping him to do so would be something very special.

I made some simple yet cool crafts with our son to turn his ordinary day into a special day.

Why did I choose a handmade gift than a store bought one?

When the gift is made by little hands it is surely going to melt any Daddy’s heart and it will be more special and close to heart than any expensive gift.

Also while helping my son to make the crafts I took it as an opportunity to explain to him how important a father is and also how his father loves him and takes care that he gets everything as and when he requires it. I also explained to him how daddy wishes only the best for him and the occasional scolding are just to guide him through the right path.

Apart from the small Father’s day craft section by mommy dear, my son did have a big Father’s day celebration at his school too.

They had prepared a cute handwritten greeting card, some crafts, coloring pages with “WORLD’S BEST DAD “ caption and so on. The day ended with a cute message from the principal to students regarding respecting your parents.

5 Handmade last minute father’s day gifts from kids:

last minute father's day gifts

Gifts serve as the best way to express your emotions, especially on a day as special as Father’s Day.

Kids love to be a part of father’s day celebration as they can buy gifts to express their love. Even kids like a bit of shopping.

But instead of buying expensive gifts I prefer to make a simple handmade creative things for father’s day to make your dad feel special and wanted.

Handmade gifts are perfect way to express a child’s feelings completely as the child itself is taking the effort to make his daddy feel special and loved.

Here are 5 father’s day crafts for kids to make to convey your heartiest feelings and thoughts for your lovely dad!

#1. Father’s day badge using paper

A father’s day badge is a simple DIY to do with your kiddo. The dad can wear it even to office. Every dad would love to wear a badge with ‘world’s best dad’ written on it.

Materials needed

  • Craft paper: 3 (any 3 colors )
  • A cardboard
  • Sketch pens or marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make it?

Take a cardboard and draw a circle. Cut out the shape of the circle.

father's day gifts diy badgeTake two square craft papers and fold the two papers into paper fans. Fold the middle of the fans and glue the edges together as shown in the pic.

father's day gifts diy badgefather's day gifts diy badge

Take the two paper fans and glue them together as shown in the pic.
father's day gifts diy badge
Stick cardboard circle to the middle of the paper fans joined as shown in figure.

father's day gifts diy badge

Take another craft paper cut a smaller circle. (I have taken yellow color). Now take a white paper or any colored craft paper and cut two long strips in the shape as shown in figure.

father's day gifts diy badgeStick the strips at the back of the cardboard circle and smaller yellow circle in the middle of the cardboard circle as shown.

father's day gifts diy badge

On the center part write cute message for your daddy hero and decorate it. I have drawn simple heart shapes, you can use beads, glitters or sequence to decorate.

father's day gifts diy badge

Taddaa! Your badge is all ready to impress your daddy.

#2. Photo frame using old CDs

Old CDs are perfect to do crafts as they can be used in multiple ways. Here I have helped my son convert old CD into a photo frame.

Materials Needed:

  • CDs: 1 or 2
  • One or two photos of dad
  • Sketch pens or marker
  • Decorative items like glitter or beads(your choice)
  • Satin Ribbon for hanging (any color)

How to make it?

Take a photo of your dad from your album.

father's day gifts diy photo frame

Keep the photo in the center of the CD and cut the photo in circle to fit inside the CD.

father's day gifts diy photo frame

Stick the photo in the middle of the CD.Decorate the CDs with any decorative items like glitters, beads or with a marker. Also write a beautiful message for your daddy.

father's day gifts diy photo frame

Make a loop with a satin ribbon and stick it on to the back of the CDs as shown.

father's day gifts diy photo frame

Hang this on your wall with the help of the satin ribbon.

father's day gifts diy photo frame

#3. Father’s Day Trophy Craft

This is a cute gift. Who doesn’t like a trophy in appreciation of all the hard work they do. Daddies do hard work to keep the family and kids happy. So here is a trophy for the super dad. This DIY can also be used as a penholder.

Craft supplies needed

  • Paper cup
  • Construction paper (yellow)
  • Paint – yellow
  • Paintbrush
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue

father's day gifts diy trophyHow to make it?

Paint the entire paper cup with yellow paint. Make sure to do the inside too! Set it aside to dry.

father's day gifts diy trophyFrom yellow construction paper, cut out two handle like shapes for your trophy as shown in figure.
Measure to make sure they fit nicely for the size of your cup.

father's day gifts diy trophy

Stick this on to the sides of the cup as shown below. You can also place a CD or cut out a circle from any colour construction paper to make a base as shown below. The base is completely optional.

father's day gifts diy trophy

Using black marker or sketch pen write “My dad Rocks”. Now you are ready to decide what to fill your trophy with!

father's day gifts diy trophy

#4. Father’s day gifts diy greeting card

If you’re running out of your time and the end moment confused how to engage your kiddo in a father’s day activity this greeting card is a must to try for.

For this greeting card, I drew my son’s hand on the craft paper and wrote a sweet message for his daddy.This is simple easy and quick to make.

Materials required:

  • Craft paper -2 (any 2 colors)
  • Scissors
  • Sketch pens
  • Glue

How to make it?
On a craft paper trace your kiddo’s hand outline.

father's day gifts diy greeting card

father's day gifts diy greeting card

Cut out the hand outline drawn.

father's day gifts diy greeting card

Take out any other color craft paper of square shape. I have taken blue.Stick the handprint cut out to this square paper. Write a beautiful message for the amazing dad.

father's day gifts diy greeting card

Your simple greeting card is ready.

#5. Father’s day Crown:

How about making a father’s day crown for your kiddo? Try it. It’s simple.

 Materials needed:

  • Craft paper – 1
  • Glue
  • Water paint/sketch pen
  • Scissors
  • Rubber band

How to make it?

Take a craft paper. Cut a long wide strip from craft paper such that it fits around your kid’s head. Draw crown shape you want onto this paper. I have made my kiddo draw simple zig zag lines.

father's day gifts diy crown

Cut out the zig zag shape.father's day gifts diy crown

Decorate it with some sketch pens or color it.

father's day gifts diy crown

Punch the two sides to make holes at each end. Punch a hole each at the ends of the paper strip. Insert an elastic or rubber band through the two holes.

father's day gifts diy crown

The crown is all set and ready to crown the daddy cool. The little also can crown himself he being the daddy kings’s favourite prince.

father's day gifts diy crown

My little one was very happy after wearing the paper crown and was dancing all around.

So these are the ways I made my son involve in Father’s day celebrations.

Father’s day is an occasion that gives an opportunity to express your love and care for your dear father. Handmade father’s day gifts are indeed the most special and cherished ways of letting your father know how much you love and admire him.

Whatever your special way of showing it might be don’t forget to honor them on this day! Help your child to express his feeling towards his dad with the help of these DIY handmade Father’s day gifts.

Do try these cute ideas for father’s day. Let us know how it turned out.

What are your ideas for father’s day celebration? Share with us in comments your father’s day gifts ideas.


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