How My Kids Discovered the Joy of Reading With Amazon Kindle


As parents, we want our kids to develop reading skills and all of us try to invest heavily in it.

I started reading to my son at a very early age when he was just 3 months old. Of course at that age he didn’t pay attention or understand what I read, but slowly when reading became a routine in our house, he started paying attention and started loving books. Now we read every day.

I believe that reading books have helped develop his vocabulary, imagination and also influenced his character.

My kiddo was a boy who wouldn’t share any of his toys. So playtime with other kids always ended with his tantrums and fights over toys.

Two months back we bought this book “Give back my ball” by Nilima Sinha.  The story is of a boy Abi who is not ready to share his ball and play together with his friend Tina. But at the end of the story, Abi finds out that sharing the ball with Tina and playing together is much more fun than playing all alone.

He liked the story very much. Usually after reading every story we try to enact it as well. So this time I became Tina and my son was Abi.

We enacted the whole story many times. Also each time I read the story I tried to highlight the fact that Abi and Tina had a great time playing together as they shared the ball. The story really helped.

Coincidentally at that time my brother gifted me the Kindle and I thought to myself “Oh my God, one more gadget at home!” as I may need to keep my kids away from this one as well (as is the case with phones and laptops).

kindle by amazon

But to my surprise, Kindle has been a boon for me as the physical books with kids get spoiled in no time.

Now Kindle time at my home is not at all a gadget time – but a combo of story reading, telling, creative and fun time!!

Now whenever my son Reyhaan is not ready to share his toys during playtime, I simply remind him that Abi shared his ball with Tina and they had a great time playing together. Most of the time this works and he has started sharing his toys.

Now play dates don’t  end with fights over toys.  Thanks to the Kindle and the book “Give Back My Ball”.

books read in amazon kindle

After realising that reading can help shape Reyhan’s character too, I am reading more good books to him.

Lately my younger one has also started following the elder one when it comes to reading and I am proud of it.

He now reads out ‘Jungle book’ and other simple stories like the Hungry Caterpillar or the Ugly Duckling to his sister from the Kindle.

Let them read, grow and prosper. As famous Malayalam children’s poet Kunjunni master said – “Vayichalum valarum, vayichillelum valarum. Vayichal vilayum. Vayichilel valayum.” – You will grow if you read; you will grow if you don’t read too. But if you read you flourish, else you fade.

Happy reading.


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Anu Prabin is a software engineer turned freelance writer who loves to pen down her journey and experience as a mother. She likes to connect with like-minded moms. Movies, books, and food are the three things that cheer her up. She enjoys doing arts and crafts with her son and shares various fun activities for kids through her Instagram account @thebacktoschoolmom. She wholeheartedly promotes the habit of reading in kids and considers books as the perfect gift for any occasion. A typical Kerala mom, she is currently settled in UAE along with her husband and son.


    • You can select books according to your kid’s interest and age. Go for picture books with fewer words if your child is below 2 years. 2 to 3 sentence per page stories if above 2.

      The books I have for my 3 year old boy: little red riding hood, a picture book on safety, 10 teddy bears, the kid and the wolf, smile baby smile, give back my ball, now I can read 15 toy box tales, a book about trains, the cat in the hat, peppa pig books like peppa’s car ride, nature trail, recycling fun .
      Plus I have many board books about numbers, vegetables, body parts , animals etc. plus a few malayalam books.

      you can also try books like the hungry caterpillar, children’s books by Dr.Seuss etc.

      • Hi Anu ji..thank you for the list of daughter is 19 months present she likes her 2 books(sophie pekkaboo ABC learning,Sophie first word book) pointing at pictures and asking what is it?…she likes animals most.:).What Books will you suggest for toddlers below 2 years.Small request from my side please write an atricle on books for diffrent age group of kids

        • Hi Uma,

          For kids below 2 years, board books are good, any book with minimal words and big pictures are good.

          We will definitely write an article on books for kids. Thanks for sharing your views and suggestions.

  1. Romila Sundaresan on

    I can relate so much to what you have written. I am a voracious reader and kept encouraging my daughter to read books (while failing miserably at it). Then I bought her a tablet with preloaded reading apps and books. I was surprised at how many things she started reading! Not just books, but even blogs that were around her areas of interest (like the universe and discoveries). And like you mentioned, there are apps that promote desired behaviors.

    • So good to know that your daughter has an interest in reading. Let her explore, research, imagine and grow in her own way…reading will definitely give her wings to fly higher.

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