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” I had a friend who worked at a hospice, and he said people in their final moments don’t discuss their successes, awards or what books they wrote or what they accomplished. They only talk about their loves and their regrets, and I think that’s very telling.” – Brad Pitt

The above mentioned words of Brad Pitt made me think a lot about love , regrets and life in general. How about kids with Cancer, HIV and other terminal diseases ? How about them in their last days ? Do they get scared ? How do they spend their last days? Whenever I hear the word ‘Cancer’ as an epidemic I wonder to God why ?

When I read about Emraan Hashmi’s little 4 year old son diagnosed with cancer , my whole day was disturbed. We as a family add him and his family in our prayers wishing for a speedy recovery. I wonder how small innocent kids contract cancer and other life taking illnesses? Like it is indigestible and unacceptable for me as a mother , as a person ,as a human being. Children are God-sent and think about those lil hearts suffering …

Here Happy Feet Home comes to rescue. Happy Feet Home is India’s first ever hospice exclusively for children suffering from terminal illnesses to provide physical, emotional and social care with a focus on enhancing the quality of their last weeks and months.

Mansi Shah and Abhishek Tatiya are the cofounders of Happy Feet Home and they strongly believe that every individual has a right to a dignified end in his life. Both of them have quit their corporate career to pursue their inner calling. They dream of a hospice which would provide shelter , treatments, experts panel and other activities planned with an aim to engage children as much as they as can , all these free of cost.

Happy Feet Home is registered with ICPCN, an international body for children’s palliative care, they have recently been allotted a space of 1,200 sq ft at Dharavi Hospital (a division of Sion Hospital). The 3D design of the hospice is as given below and the contributions for the dream shelter is on and reaching $3822 as of now and Rs. 72,500 in cash!

Requesting ALL my readers to donate whatever they can for this noble cause and spreading this awareness in the world. Please share this post or feel free to contact them in the social media profiles given below.

Twitter Handle – @happyfeethome
Linkedin Page – Happy Feet Home
YouTube Video of Happy Feet Home – http://bit.ly/JynoRl
Fundraising Campaign – bit.ly/J6C9dd 
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  1. Hi all, first of all i want to give a wonderful salute to mansi and abhishek.now a daya i saw ppl running behind money and savings.but i came across rare species lik ths make my eyes full.lotd of prayers and tonnes og all the bes t to happy feet home .we all take a resolution for ths year s we all remind these kidos in our prayers.by rose

  2. This is a beautiful and saddening post. I never knew of hospices specifically for children, that too in India. Didn’t know about Emraan Hashmi’s son either. Prayers to him and all the other kids suffering from such illnesses. Thank you for sharing.

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