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The first birthday is a special milestone for both the little nugget and the parents. A moment of pride and joy mixed with a little heavy heart to see your little one is no more very little. Completing one year of parenthood, a phase where you learned to take the roles of being a teacher, a doctor, a cook, a caretaker, a fighter, and whatnot, showing your high level of endurance. Thus it’s a big day to celebrate. 

Well, here I am gonna talk about the first birthday themes for boys. Since your baby isn’t big enough to demand a Car or an Avengers-themed party, this year you get the liberty of choosing it. While choosing first birthday themes for boys /girls, try to make it age-appropriate, include their favorites if any, something they can relate to, and something that you can cherish looking at the pictures in the future.

first birthday theme for boys

First Birthday Party Preparations

Let me list a few things that would remain common for all the first birthday party celebrations (coordinate it with the theme) :

  • Creating an invitation card for your little one’s special milestone is fun and a moment of mixed emotion. Make the card creative and theme-based to let everyone how special you are planning for his birthday. It’s a proud moment so make the name and age of your child stand out on your birthday party invitation.
  • Cake Smash is my favorite part, as it’s a beautiful moment to be treasured. Let your baby go wild smashing up and of course eating the cake. Cherish this beautiful sight and create a memory for a lifetime. I still remember my Rey smashing the cake with his tiny hands that created a mess everywhere, but that remains the cutest.
  • Have packs of themed plates and napkins. Print out logos to attach to cups and plates. Also, you can personalize the party in your creative way to make the celebration a memorable one.
  • Labeling your food table will help guests know what they’re eating. Print labels to let everyone know what is being served. Not to miss are theme-based cookies and cakes.
  • The little details can make your party more memorable. Include a few quote or message frames for the little one on the cake table as décor. Also can be hanged at different places to give a warm feel.
  • As it’s the first birthday make a 3D figure of number ONE. You can also make a cutout of one and stick a lot of pictures on the cutout. Don’t forget to include the balloon of ONE.
  • Pick snacks that fit the birthday party theme. Snacks like popcorn, peanuts, cotton candy, fudge, gummy candies, mini donuts, ice cream, and cupcakes will satisfy the young and old. Present the food in an attractive way and let your guests choose what they would like to eat.
  • Plan games to keep the kids busy. Keep your guests entertained with themed games and activities. It’s a good idea to have the games set up in advance so the kids have something to do as soon as they arrive. Make sure the activities are appropriate for all of the young guests.
  • Theme based dresses would be fun. Go with the themed colors or the characters. You can print tees for the family according to the theme selected.
  • You can also take prints of the themes selected and stick it behind the chairs to enhance the theme in the party hall.
  • A bunting of monthly pictures that you would have captured is a good idea for the first birthday.
  • For décor, you can also use wooden crates, flowers in a jar, and paper fans with the theme cutout at the center.
  • Try to gift something that can be treasured for a long time as return gifts. Plants, storage boxes, books all of it packed with the theme touch would add glory.

So now let’s move onto some lovely first birthday themes for boys.

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27 Best First Birthday Themes for Boys 

I have penned a few first birthday themes for boys that I feel would definitely bring the spark you are looking for in your munchkin’s birthday.

#1. Mr. Onederful

Time for a smashing birthday party for your little one and you parents. The first theme that comes to my mind is my favorite Mr. Onederful themed Birthday party. For the wonderful roller coaster ride and some of the best memories made all through the first year of your baby, this is a much deserving moment. You can play with a combination of black, gold, and white for this theme. Décor with the most beautiful monthly pictures you would have captured.

First Birthday Themes for Boys
A nice backdrop saying, “I am Onederful” would make it look perfect. With matching balloons, black linens for the table pairing with white chairs, some lovely tassels, black wrap for the cupcakes, some creative designs on the favor bags should do the magic.  

#2. Wild One (Safari party)

Theme for First Birthday Boy
This birthday party theme is perfect if your little one is an animal lover.
 A safari/jungle theme is probably one of the most popular trends right now. You may pick up a nice grass backdrop to give a safari look with some animals cut out. With lots of animals, plants, and tree figurines all around, this décor sure would look spectacular. Have some animal party masks over the back of the chairs to create some fun for the kiddies with their favorite animal. You may use animal stickers for juice cups or water bottles. For the return favors, you may gift an animal finger puppet kept in a small craft box stuffed with green tissue in it. You may include a note saying “Adopt this cutie”. Have some lovely animal stories played as a background including animal sounds.

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#3. Mickey Mouse First Birthday Idea for Boys and Girls

Mickey mouse First Birthday Themes for Boys
This Disney character is loved by all ages and never loses its charms. My Lil Rey had found his first cartoon love in Mickey when he was around 8 to 9 months. He loved the Mickey Mouse clubhouse song and still does. So we had a Mickey theme for his first birthday. Red, black and yellow were the key colors used for the decor with loads of Rey’s pics all around the party hall in a mickey face cutout. With some buntings and a lovely backdrop, the theme would be perfect. We had games, caricature, tattoo making, and a magic show that entertained the crowd. Our return favors were saplings in mickey colored pots which was loved by all.

#4. Little Man

This is one of the perfect first birthday themes for boys. It is much liked and has become quite popular lately. For this theme, you may incorporate moustache, hats, bow ties, or ties for the décor. It is an easy party to style through the use of printables. Attach moustaches and bow ties to items such as candy jars, balloons, cups, chairs, favor bags, and walls to give the little man vibe. You can play best with the backdrop and also the cake table. With cupcake toppers and little man accessorized cookies, this is sure to get a smile on all the little men out there. You can make it exciting by having a grooming station for the little men and women, upon arrival, to have their bow ties fitted to their collar. Don’t forget to create a cute gentleman lounge for the little guests to relax.

#5. Rainbow

rainbow birthday party ideasThis is an evergreen and a super fun theme for kids, as who doesn’t love rainbows. It brightens the whole space with colors and the guests are sure to go gaga all the time. The rainbow defines bright, colorful, cheery, and full of dreams and thus making the theme perfect for our little charmer. Add on rainbow-colored balloons, colorful buntings, birthday caps, and so on. Bring in the element of color everywhere making it look stunning for your Prince. I am sure he would be smitten by the colors all around.

#6. Love you to the moon and back

to the moon and back First Birthday ThemesThe first birthday is very special for us parents. A moment of mixed emotion and pride, the day when your little one has reached a special milestone. Words are not enough to describe the love and these are the same words you would have used the maximum throughout the year. Make your little one feel special by creating a lovely fantasy world. A moon backdrop, star buntings or hangings, loads of fairy lights, colorful stars and moon cutouts stuck around the hall, star and moon-shaped cookies would look fabulous. Let your little one know that you love him to the moon and back.

#7. Nursery rhyme theme

First Birthday ideas for Boys

This is sure to leave you with loads of fun, laughter, and compliments. A theme that your little one would definitely enjoy as he would have started listening to rhymes. Have standees of your little munchkin’s favorite rhymes adjacent to the cake table. Take printouts of different rhymes and hang them from the ceiling or make a lovely bunting with them. Play all the rhymes as the background music and let the kids sing along. With some props matching the rhymes you can even engage kids. For example, a boat made of cardboard with some crocodile printables would make the row row row your boat song where kids can hold and sing along. You can even have kids draw their favorite rhyme as an activity. A musical chair with rhymes played would also be fun.

#8. Winnie the Pooh

This classic is such a beautiful décor anybody would love. With pastel colors everywhere, Pooh and his piglet with a quote as a backdrop and balloons matching with it would make it look vibrant. Have Winnie the Pooh characters as standees. Try to give a look of the 100 Acre Woods with the help of sun board or cardboard with prints of various elements like trees, grass, Hunny pot, and so on. You may find a lot of valuable quotes of Winnie the Pooh that can be stuck all around. This would make a good read for the guests to walk around and have a look.

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#9. Alphabet letter themed

This is a fun first birthday theme for the little ones to just walk around and get introduced to the letters, while little elder kids would start hunting for their name initials or start making words. Easy to décor party with letters all around the walls, this first birthday theme for boys is sure to be fun. Make alphabet balloons by sticking letters to it and cardboard cutouts or 3D letters all over to give the perfect letter theme. You may also go for a few letter cushions, some letter hangings, and buntings. A lot of activities can be planned like place a few wooden letters on the table and have kids paint their initials and it can be a takeaway. Some simple word games too can be played to engage the kiddies.

#10. Books themed birthday party

Boooks First Birthday Themes for BoysWho doesn’t love stories, every kid does, thus begins the love for books. A book-themed birthday for the young reading enthusiasts is ideal. With all the early books, be it board books or picture books that your little one has started with, have the cover page of them printed on white paper and use them for wall décor. Loads of paper prints, books stacked all over, and books as return favors would be ideal for this party. As an activity, have the kiddies narrate a story they like, or even better let all kids together make a story with the situation you give. Pick up a good book and read aloud to the little munchkins at the end of the party.

#11. Smiley theme

First Birthday Themes for Boys smileyNothing best than having smiley faces all over the party hall. This theme undoubtedly would leave everyone with a smile on their face as the name suggests. With smiley cake and cookies, a lot of smiley cutouts to décor the table as the centerpiece, smiley buntings, smiley badges, and smiley hats for all the tiny kiddies on arrival, this theme is sure to enlighten the vibe. Smiley mugs, smiley pencil sets, presents wrapped with a smiley sheet would make ideal return favors.

#12. Teddy Bear

The cuddly teddy who everyone loves to snuggle with would make a good attraction for the first birthday theme. Loved by all ages, nothing can be cuter than this. With a nice teddy backdrop, a few teddy soft toys around, a couple of wooden crates with some décor, color-coordinated buntings, hats and scarves on teddies to make it look cuter, paper fans with teddy cutouts in the middle are a few things you can do. Don’t forget to add teddy cake toppers and some teddy printables around the table. A happy teddy is sure to make everybody happy around.

#13. Disney Cars

Mc Queen First Birthday Theme for BoysI guess boys and cars go hand in hand. Their first love in most cases has to be cars. This theme focus more on black and white for the race look, with a pop of different colored cars. Have a checkered flag backdrop to go with the theme. If you have a spare carton box you can even try your hands on making a car and can be used as a photo prop. Have some winning cup, a paper made race track on the table, and a checkered flag for the décor. For activities, you can have a race among kids with little cars and gift the winner a winning cup. You can even use tyres to hang around here and there or can get creative enough to give rustic paint to it.

#14. Prince

prince First Birthday Themes for BoysA Prince theme for the prince charmer is an absolute royal party I must say. Go for a grand castle as a backdrop, a light blue table skirt with lights shining through, a white stallion created from balloons or a sun board, and never to miss a charming Prince’s throne and a crown. Color coordinate the look using blue, white, and golden all over. This is sure to give you WOW expression from all.

#15. Plane themed birthday party

airplane First Birthday Themes for Boys

The airplane theme can define how time flies, the adventure, fun, and excitement that life holds. It is no wonder that airplane-themed party is so popular and loved by boys. Blue, white, and silver-gray, with a pop of red in the airplane, would be perfect for this stylish theme. Lots of options you can have for the backdrop like a plane flying in the midst of a few clouds, a plane going to take off,  a world map backdrop conveying travel around the world are a few to list. Don’t forget to add on your travel suitcase, passport, and other travel accessories to give the perfect look. You may make loads of paper planes to add décor to the cake table and a lovely plane themed cake would make the look complete.

#16. Snowman

Snowman themed party is ideal for the winter babies. It’s wonderful to bring in the winter land around you with loads of snowflakes, snow, little snowmen around. Give a white frosty look all over. You may use paper plates to make snowman faces, let kids prepare snowman as a part of the fun activity with a few props you could provide with, and write their names on it. With snowman-shaped candies and cookies, lots of hangings this is sure to win the hearts of the little buddies. For a game, you can even make a snowman face, blindfold the kids and have them stick a carrot nose on the face. 

#17. Winter Wonderland

Similar to the one above this too is a super cool theme for the winter born. Make it magical with a snowy backdrop, some white color painted branches all around the party area to give the perfect winter feel, a Christmas tree as its winter, a lot of snowflakes hanging all over, beautiful pastel color flowers for the centerpiece, some paper fans with snowflakes cut out at the center are a few things for this theme that you could do. You may also incorporate penguins, polar bears, and igloos if you like. You may also give it a rustic look with some jute or burlap cloth, some wooden crates, and a rustic or vintage lamp.

#18. The Big One

This is another adorable theme. You can make it a beach, nautical, or a fishing themed party with loads of fish cutouts here and there and the BIG ONE being the attraction. A tackle box, picture frames, lake quotes, fish theme cupcake liners, fishnet, wooden crate, blue sparkly ‘shimmery lake’ fabric, fishing net are a few must-haves. A fishing net filled with water colored balloons, and fish cut-outs hanging would be fun for kids to play with. Go for a blue fabric, if possible a net fabric to give the lake look. A fish bunting would go well for the theme.

#19. Superman 

Perfect for the young superman, truly deserving as he is definitely our young superman. Yellow, blue, and red are your colors for this. With color-coordinated balloons, prints of Superman all around, Superman buntings, bottles wrapped with Superman labels for drinks, the blue cake pops adorned with the Superman logo, the Superman chocolate lollipops are a few things you can do for this theme.

#20. Blue party

First Birthday Theme for Boys blue themeBlue for Boys is quite popular, so it’s all about the color blue for this theme. With blue balloons and tassels, blue drapes for the table, blue florals, blue candies, banners, and desserts, and some contrast, mix in some white and silver wherever you can. This will definitely give you a blissful and heavenly look with some lights too. 

#21. Circus

circus First Birthday Theme for BoysAccording to the latest trends, circus and carnival themed parties are sure to please the crowd. Kids love the bright colors and even at 1 year old, they recognize the iconic circus and carnival look. The big top tent, clowns, popcorn, and cotton candy are must-haves. Red and white striped tablecloths and paper bags, lots of circus animal figurines wearing hats, white and red helium balloons, circus plates and napkins, and circus tent sippy cups are a few to go with the theme. Keep your guests entertained with some circus-themed activities like juggling, face painting or so to make it fun.

#22. Football 

Birthday party ThemeIf your little one has already started building his love for balls or kicking balls this is sure to match his favorite. With a nice football stadium as a backdrop, a lovely football-themed cake, loads of balls around, and winning up cutouts, this would be ideal for the little football lover in him. Football player’s dress, flags of prominent countries playing football, and themed cookies are not to be missed for this first birthday theme for boys.

#23. Boss Baby First Birthday Party for Boys

How could we miss the Boss Baby when we are talking about the first birthday themes for boys?? Our little charmer truly is the boss, as, upon his arrival, everything in the home has changed as per his convenience. So yes it’s the boss theme then. Play around with blue, white, and black colors for the whole décor set up. Have lots of photos of your boss baby in different action.

#24. Balloon Palooza

Balloon palooza First Birthday Theme for BoysToddlers love balloons and this theme would turn out to be perfect. Use as many balloons as you can — make arches, walls, and even bubbles with them. You can also have different characters or pets with balloons. Keep a balloon artist for your party to give kids their favorite character by making them in balloons. Smiley, number balloons, letter balloons are also a few to add. Arrange different sizes, and try to coordinate the colors. Have the floor too filled with balloons and let kids drool over the balloon pool.

#25. Milk and Cookies

Milk and cookies First Birthday Theme for BoysThis is such an adorable birthday theme and would be loved by all. Bake a cake that looks like a stack of cookies with milk being poured over it to match the theme. With loads of different flavoured and shaped cookies, lovely milk and cookies cake pops, milk and cookies stations, milk bottles filled with mini cookies, loads of cookies stacked in a classy manner, and to add the pop of color you may use gems here and there. Place a few milk carton box too across the room. As an activity one can even teach kids to make a little cake with the help of cookies and milk.

#26. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

For the shining little star, this theme would be a darling one. Have loads of stars at the backdrop and hanging from the ceiling. Make it look as bright and colorful. Have some beautiful shimmering tinsel around and at the back. Have lots of glitter and sparkling elements used. Shimmering star themed table settings would look the best. Make use of cotton to give a cloud look for décor or even cloud cutouts with different stars from glittering ones to smiley ones. Don’t forget to add the fairy lights. Star-shaped smiley cushions or magnets or even some beautiful frames would be ideal as return favours. 

#27. Choo choo train

train themed First Birthday for BoysWhen thinking about first birthday themes for boys, this is an ideal one if your boy is a train lover. Get a bunch of toy trains of various sizes. You may keep lots of medium-sized rectangular trays holding snacks and in the front, a Thomas train to give a proper train look. Make a railway track below it with craft papers. Furnish the table with balloons and use some steam-cloud shaped banners. You may use a carton box wrapped with some color paper and give a smiling face in the front for kids to hold and pose for the pics. Have a nice Choo choo day.

So these are some of the trending first birthday themes for boys. Choose one that fits your interest and budget and plan everything around it. Enjoy this big day of your life as parents with lots of happiness and laughter, fun and games, snack and desserts, music and dance, colors and décor, all of it with your loved ones. Trust me this is the only time you get to decide everything. As your little one grows so do their demands which is quite a brainstorming session for us. I am sailing there as my little munchkin Rey is now 4 and I have to adhere to his likes while I plan for his birthday. Also, believe me, every parent can plan his/her child’s birthday. Try it out, its fun. 

Do share with me, in the comments, your favorite first birthday themes for boys and girls.


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