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Life is a ride and we have no idea where the path would lead us, which routes are to be followed and where we end up. At 5 I wanted to be an airhostess, at 10 a teacher, at 15 a history student and right now I say, I am still happy not being ended up as any of these.

If we were to choose our own destiny, life would not have been this beautiful. The complexity and the unpredictable nature is what I love the most about life.

Having said that, have you ever thought of planning your life for years ahead? My husband teases me for planning things much ahead of time. Of course, there is no harm in planning, is what I feel.

For example, as soon as the 4th wedding anniversary cake was done, I said, for the 5th year we will do a short trip and so for the 10th 😛 Even my daughter’s birthday, education, annual vacation trips for the n years to come. I plan everything for say even next 20 years!

Is that something more to ask for? No!

At the end only the beautiful memories will stay with us. So make the best moments. It would have lots of ups and downs, and managing to pass through these difficult days with a charm is what we need for long and happy life.

Always remember the mantra ‘Kal Khoobsurat Hai’.

Please have a look at the video given in which the couple plan their future.

As a wedding anniversary gift, the husband gifts his beautiful wife a book in which he has thought and made collages or cartoons of how he wants to spent the rest of 40 or 50 years with her.

As she turns down the pages, the cartoons and pictures shows their first car, home, world tour, kids and a happy n financially settled beautiful retirement life as well.

The cute video conveys the importance of a well financially planned life today for a khoobsurat tomorrow 🙂

Now we introduce to you Exide Life Insurance which promises a well financially planned, happy and long life!

One best thing about the Exide insurance is the ‘Money Book’. Money book is all about a record of your financial commitments in assuring a well planned life for a beautiful tomorrow.

exide life insurance

Of all the steps about a financially settled tomorrow, I feel the money book is one of the best heard things.

I have already stared jotting down some of the plans for my future happiness like saving for my daughter, paying myself every month to name a few.  All my dreams put into my time capsule!

exide life insurance

Jotting down in my money book!

Every time I open my money book, it will motivate me to strive and save for mine as well as my family’s future while enjoying a happy blessed life!

I have my own money book, do you?

Here are the reasons why I think we should have a money book in our life.

  • Simple and Easy:

The book is very simple as well as easy. The non-complexity gives more value to the book.

All what is required is to fill in our own personal data and nothing more.

  • Staying organized:

money book1

Ask any successful person about their life, one tip they would give is staying organized.

As financial part is a major factor that affects our life, staying well organized about the financial commitments would help us achieve a simple yet elegant life.

The money book is where all your financial information could be found, making it easy as you could save time. It is much hassle free as well.

  • For the Family:

Another advantage is that it serves as a reference to your financial records for your family.

For example, in case of any emergency, your wife or children can access the records and thereby avoiding the inconvenience of remembering the payments or searching the documents.

So money book proves to be a one time capsule for a well-planned financial life.

Are you ready to make your money book? Exide Life Insurance would be happy to help you in thisJ.

Please share the video and help others in achieving a Khoobsurat kal Exide Life Insurance ke saath.


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