How To Dry Up Breast Milk ?


When I decided to stop breast feeding ,I sought advice from Sangeetha Menon. She advised me to wean gradually. So I started replacing one or two feeds a day and then with time completely stop feeding. Yes, Sangeetha you are absolutely right and I think this is the safest, and most painless way as our body will understand and slowly stop producing milk.

 I surfed in internet also for the same and found many homemade remedies to dry up breast milk. When I started weaning graduallymy breasts become slightly engorged. I followed a homemade remedy and I found it very effective and like to share with all the young moms of Bumps n Baby.
 How dried sage leaf tea can help to dry up breast milk ?
Sage leaf contains a form of natural estrogen, which will help your body dry up the breast milk. I think dried sage leaves can be found at any health food store or super markets in India. I bought dried sage leaf from Carrefour.

How to prepare sage tea ?

It’s very simple.Prepare sage tea by boiling handful of sage leaves in a cup of water. After steeping for 10 minutes strain the leaves. Drink sage tea twice daily for a week or two. I drank it only once daily before going to bed for two weeks. Sage tea is very different in taste (somewhat bitter).. If you want can add little honey. This will reduce your milk quickly and breast engorgement.

Safety Alerts/ Precautions

  • Not for pregnant or breast feeding mothers.
  • Continuously using sage for long can be harmful.
  • Epileptic and hypertensive people should refrain from using sage.

Using Cabbage leaves to dry up breast milk

In many articles, I read that cabbage leaves work great as they are cool, and there is a component in them that naturally dries up your milk. Apply them to your entire breast and replace them when they wilt.I didn’t tried this as I am so lazy to do this.You can also try this out.

And last but not least drink plenty of water.

Hope this will be useful for you moms. Do share with me if you know / have tried any of the natural methods to dry up breast milk.


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  1. Hi,
    I am in weaning process, but after 2 months also I am getting milk.Please can you tell me what is the Tamil name of Sage as I live in Tamilnadu.

    • Hi vishnupriya

      I just googled to know it’s Tamil name.its munivar ilai ….don’t over drink the sage leaf tea …read this article well before starting it !!!!

  2. Hi Jaya,
    Great to see the post,i read the sangeetha post and urs about weaning and i am already in the process of weaning for my 1 year baby Hasmitha.
    As you said its very tough phase weaning.past two weeks i am failing to do so i am giving cows milk in feeding bottle one day she drinks and other days she says no and coming near to me.
    I will try these options along with Sangeetha tricks, also i heard mushroom will dry up milk,is it so????

    • Jayalekshmy Velswamy on

      Hi Anitha

      Sorry for the late reply

      Hope your baby stopped nursing successfully .well cooked mushrooms are bestfor nursing mothers and not for weaning process

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