R Madhavan’s son Vedant


madhavan's son

Have you seen the movie Minnale or Rehna Hein Tere Dil Mein. Well I was in class 9th when that movie was released. Apart from the awesome songs from that movie , what attracted me is the actor in it. Not at all a chocolate boy, Madhavan was all different from a typical Bollywood hero. His signature smile can grab anyone’s heart I say :). So today’s celebrity kid is Madhavan’s son Vedant.

Well Vedant was born in 2005 to the couple Madhavan and Sarita. He was all set to make his small screen debut along with his daddy Maddy, but I dont know whether it had been telsecasted or not. Madhavan is known for his philanthropic ativities and vegeterian form of life. He had infact written to KFC regarding the animal rights and motivates people to turn vegan .

madhavan's son vedant

His son Vedant seems to follow his footsteps too. On his birthday , Vedant refused all the birthday gifts from his friends and family. He requested everyone to donate a small amount to PETA infact. Quite a great thing isnt ?

Vedant I think looks like his mom 🙂 We definitely look forward to this handsome boy grow upto be a hero like his dad 🙂

Happy Weekend !!

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