Janmashtami Dress for Babies and Kids – Last Minute Costume Ideas


Janmashtami is just around the corner. Are you all geared up to transform your naughty tots into mischievous Krishnas and beautiful Radhas? To make it easy for you, this article provides you some tips to put together the most adorable Janmashtami dress for babies and kids. 

Krishna Janmashtami dress for babies and kids

Why do people dress up their kids as Krishna or Radha?

Gokulashtami or Janmashtami is the celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna. Apart from the poojas and fasting, dressing up our little ones as Krishna and Radha is the most exciting part of this festival.

Every mother relates to the naughty little Krishna. Every child is like the manifestation of little Krishna. Full of mischief, causing troubles and yet making everyone around them happy with their antics.

Dressing up your little one as Krishna is a way of seeing Lord Krishna in your child. It is considered auspicious and is believed to bring in positive energy and good luck.

Little girls dressed up as Radha is a sight to behold and many parents love to dress up their girls in beautiful Gopalika costumes.

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If you still haven’t got any idea on how to put together a Janmashtami costume, here is our guide to deck up your little Krishna and Radha.

Janmashtami Dress for Babies and Kids – Radha Krishna Costume for Kids

First, let us see how to deck up your child as Krishna adorably with these easily available dresses and accessories options.

Krishna Costume for Babies and Kids

Putting together a Krishna costume is not difficult. Let me walk you through the various components of the costume.


Dress up your little one in a dhoti, preferably a silk one. Yellow is the favorite color of Lord Krishna so that is most commonly used. However, you can use any color. You can also go for ready to wear dhoti to make things simpler. A yellow dupatta can also be used as a dhoti.

With the dhoti, you can make your little Krishna wear a kurta. If you have a yellow kurta, it is perfect.

When you put together the Krishna costume for kids, usage of a stole (as shown in the picture) instead of a kurta is also a good option.

Janmashtami dress for babies dhoti


Crown is the most important part of the Janmashtami dress for babies. Adorn your little Krishna with a crown. You could buy a readymade crown or make one at home from a card paper and some glittery decorations.

Also, ensure that the crown is not uncomfortable for the kids to carry around. Preferably a cloth or a light card paper crown should be used.

A thin strip of golden lace is also a good alternative to a big crown. If you don’t get a crown, you can tie a pony and use a pearl necklace to decorate the pony.

Janmashtami dress for babies and kids crown

 Peacock feather

A peacock feather symbolizes purity and is the highlight of Janmashtami dress for babies. A peacock feather is a must to get that complete Krishna look.

Use a beautiful peacock feather to decorate the crown. You can attach the peacock feather with a tape. If you don’t have a crown, then you can tuck it into the band used to secure your little one’s pony.

Remember to use a prominent feather, which can be seen and will add to the look. If you don’t have one you can even take a print out or draw a peacock feather and use it.

Janmashtami dress for babies peacock feather


The Lord Krishna’s look is incomplete without the flute. You can wrap the flute with a golden paper and attach some beads to it. If you don’t have a flute, a piece of PVC pipe the size of the flute decorated with some glittery paper or lace will work as well.

You can also make a flute by rolling a newspaper into the desired thickness and decorating it with golden paper, laces, and tassels. Make sure to glue the loose edges properly when you roll paper into a flute shape.

dress up your child as Krishna


Don’t overdo it when it comes to the Krishna makeup for baby boy. A simple thilak with sandalwood paste or sindoor bindi on your kid’s forehead is enough to get that divine look. 

Janmashtami dress for babies and kids Radha Lord Krishna

Janmashtami Radha Costume for Babies and Kids 

Wherever there is Krishna, Radha is also to be mentioned as both are inseparable. Now that you have got an idea on how to dress your child as Lord Krishna, let’s see how to dress up kids as beautiful Radhas.

A lehenga choli or ghagra choli is the best option to dress up your daughter as Radha. If it’s not available an ankle-length skirt with a waist-length top and dupatta also makes a perfect dress for Radha. 

For that authentic Gopika look, you can adorn her hair with flowers too. As said for Krishna, keep the makeup minimal for Radha as well. A simple bindi and kajal are more than enough. Add bangles and a nice maang tikka too for that complete look.

When taking photos, you can take a normal photo and photoshop it to a Vrindavan or Krishna background as shown below.

Janmashtami dress for babies and kids Radha

Other Accessories for your adorable Radha and Krishna

Now that you have got the basic idea for the Janmashtami dress for babies, let’s accessories them to get the complete look.

♦ Necklaces/garlandsUse your pearl necklaces or garlands to add to the charm of the little Krishna and Radha. You can use fancy precious and semi-precious jewelry too but ensure you use lightweight ones to avoid any discomfort.

♦ Arm BandYou could use an ornamental armband or ‘baajubandh’ to accessorize your little Krishna. A rakhi can double up as a baajubandh too. You can refer to the DIY Rakhi ideas.

♦ WaistbandWaistbands are purely optional. But this will add to the look. You can make one with a thin cardboard strip and gold paper too.

♦ AnkletsAnother optional accessory is anklets. But trust me, when your little Krishna and Radha runs around the house, the sound of the anklets is just music to the ears.

♦ Mud PotLittle Krishna is also called as the Maakhan Chor or the butter thief. To complete your baby Krishna, you can use a mud pot filled with butter. An earthy colored plastic pot is also a good option. Take a look at our little Maakhan Chor enjoying maakhan(butter)

Janmashtami dress for babies make upA mud pot or metal ghada can be used for the adorable Radha too to get that perfect gopi look.

Some Dos and Don’ts for Janmashtami dress for babies

Here are some dos and don’ts while dressing up your little one as Krishna or Radha

  • Do not over accessorize. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable little Krishna.
  • For the attire of Krishna and Radha, use a comfortable cloth material.
  • Ensure the accessories don’t have sharp edges or any other thing that can hurt your little one. 
  • If you plan to use some makeup, keep it minimum, and ensure its safe for your child.
  • Make sure that your little one can move around freely in the attire.
  • Feed the baby well and make sure he/she has had a good sleep before getting into the costume.
  • For little kids under 3, don’t use anything that can cause a choking hazard.
  • If they complain about anything just remove the accessory. The last thing you want is a cranky baby. 

So these are the simple ideas to beautifully dress up your kids for Janmashtami in a very pocket-friendly way. If you want to go all out or you feel you are missing certain elements, you can always depend on various online shopping sites that provide Krishna Jayanthi costume for baby. Such sites will have complete Janmashtami fancy dress sets with matching accessories making it easy for you. But let me tell you, nothing beats the excitement and joy of designing a costume for our little ones all by ourselves.

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Hope this article on putting together Janmashtami dress for babies and kids helps you to celebrate this Gokulashtami in all its glory. 


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