Diwali Greeting Cards DIY with Toddlers and Kids


Do you have a creative toddler who loves to sneak in to your drawer?

Is he always seen with scissors and sketch pens when left alone for a time being?

All set to make Diwali recipes and handmade Diwali greeting cards?

Today I bring to you a DIY for toddlers and kids on handmade Diwali greeting cards.

diwali greeting cards

Diwali season is here. The vibes of the festival and positivity is already crawling in the skin. Hindus gear up to celebrate the festival of lights and lamps and worship the Goddess of wealth as Diwali is considered a New Year.

We start cleaning up the entire house as we await the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi to shine our abode with her grace. Her grace that bestows abundant blessings, health and wealth for the family. The season calls for celebration as schools declare Diwali Holidays, who doesn’t love holidays? We celebrate the festival with lighting and lamps, decorating marigold flowers and asopalav leaves at the entrance. We visit our friends and relatives to greet them with choicest New Year wishes and a prosperous Diwali.

Since children got a vacation from school and most of their time is spent playing outside, it becomes important for us to have them along as we prepare for Diwali to pass on the festive spirit and inculcate the importance of festivals among them.

Step by step guide to make Diwali greeting cards:

Let’s do this – prepare a greeting card for friends and relatives with toddlers and kids, meanwhile explaining them the significance of Diwali.

Materials required:

  • Sheets of hard paper or handmade paper of A4 size – 2
  • Sketch pens or color pens – 5 to 6 colors
  • Painting colors – 6 colors
  • Paint brush – 1 to 2 medium
  • Glue stick – 1


I have used 2 sheets of the color white and brown – white for outer cover and brown for inner cover.

diwali greeting cards

Fold half both the sheets of hard paper.

diwali greeting cards diwali greeting cards

Cut the edges zig-zag, cloudy or wavy for one of the hard paper i:e to be pasted inside another. Paste the inner sheet on the outer sheet with the help of a glue and let it rest for a while.

To make outer cover:

Create a boundary design on 3 sides of the outer cover page. On the outer cover, paint circled droplets with the help of paint colors and brush in different sizes and colors.

diwali greeting cards diwali greeting cards

Join the colorful droplets with a black sketch pen to make it look like a series of lighting. The blank space in the middle is the perfect space to type ‘Happy Diwali’.

Paint a diya below the greeting message ‘Happy Diwali’ with the help of your toddler. I used paper quilling strips to create a diya.

diwali greeting cards diwali greeting cardsdiwali greeting cards

Inside content:

Create a boundary design for the inside paper. I like half boundaries, as in textures of cross, stars, straight and sleeping lines, triangles. Paint a ‘Swastika’ on the top corner.

Now, type your message for your friends and relatives in suitable language. You may also use a stencil for the purpose.

diwali greeting cards diwali greeting cards


  • You may decorate your greeting with variety of decorative items like ribbons, stickers, sparkle glues, beads and diamonds. Ask your toddler’s choice of decorative and use it accordingly.
  • Let the little one assist you with sticking, lining, painting, typing etc. The layout and the method are as simple as it can be. Toddlers and above would love to indulge in painting little circles, sticking with a glue stick, making textures, joining lines to create lighting and more.
  • Use your creativity to draw objects related to the festival like crackers, foot prints, candles etc.

Let’s celebrate this Diwali with warm wishes, love, recipes alone and not with fire crackers. The climate is already changing; it’s time for us to change. Let’s strive to create a green planet and certain human life for our future generations.

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Have you already prepared Deepavali greeting cards with your little one? Do you plan to make homemade Diwali greeting cards with your toddler or kids? If yes do try this DIY and share with me your designs too.


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