My Take on the Revolutionary Whisper Ultra Clean


Is the monthly cycle becoming an obstacle at your dance recitals or soccer games?

We are surrounded with period taboos and specifically don’ts as we enter into the puberty phase! The obligations that girls are bound into as they step into the menstrual phase become a stressful subject for the young divas who were happy about being girls, paint their nails, put on mommy’s make up and that bright red lip crayon, wear the superman cape at the supermarket, pick flowers in the garden and become messy.

Just like we Mommies keep getting our little ladies’ confidence have wings to fly, it’s equally important we make them aware and updated about the way female body is designed and how not to let the period come in between her and her passion! We live in an era of technology. We were their age once, but then, there weren’t as many comforts to let us go wild through those days as well.

There’s no looking back any more with the all new twenty sixteen Whisper Ultra Clean that sets you free and lets you #OwnThose5Days with improved protection. Whisper, the most looked upon sanitary hygiene brand in India has always come forward with greater innovations for women to be unstoppable.

The recent bloggers campaign held by Whisper India #OwnThose5Days showcased powerful presentations describing the benefits of New Whisper Ultra Clean that just got better with.

whisper event

  • Longer lasting absorption
  • Better dryness
  • Faster absorption
  • Better comfort by softer top sheet
  • Better scent

Its 1000 suction holes promise better and faster absorption. The magic gel crystals ensure hassle free periods by providing better dryness. The odor lock technology lets you stay fresh and confident with the pleasant scent. It is now extra long, so it can be used for longer hours without the fear of wetness. Above all the above features, the uniquely designed top sheet gives better comfort than any preceding whisper pads to give you better comfort; gentle to the skin and keeps itching/rashes at bay!

Whisper panel of experts including brand ambassador Kalki Koechlin, Gynecologist Dr Nandita Palshetkar, Whisper R&D Expert Chetan Kotyalkar and stand-up comedian Aditi Mittal present at the meet demonstrated the product in an interactive manner showcasing the never before qualities. The presentation summarized will 1 new whisper ultra clean is equal to 5 ordinary pads.

My take on the revolutionary Whisper Ultra Clean:


The improved top sheet definitely proves better in terms of comfort, keeping the skin protected from rashes and itchiness.

The aroma instilled lets me stay fresh for longer hours without the need to change over and over again.

Nothing holds me back any more with keeping continuity at the aerobic and zumba classes as it gives me better dryness through hours.

The best thing about the improved whisper is that it lets me sleep through the night without having to wake up frequently due to wetness. Thanks to the extra long buddy that ensures spot free period.

New Whisper gave me way better protection and helped me own those five days of the month. Do you also wish to own those days? Go going with Whisper.

I strongly recommend all you ladies out there to try your free sample now:

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