How the Vaya Tyffyn 600 Almost Started a Tug Of War at Home!


If you are into online shopping, chances are that you have already seen this product. There are products that need great advertisements to make you want to check it out and then there are some that make you sit up and notice right away.

The Vaya Tyffyn falls in the latter category.

Why so?

Well for starters, it looks great!!!!

vaya tyffyn 600

But is it just looks? Or does it deliver the claims made by the company? Is it worth the cost?

And most importantly – is it safe and strong enough for your little one?

I will answer all your questions in today’s post.

Plastic vs. steel lunch boxes

Before we get to the review, I wanted to ask you one thing. When you buy lunch/tiffin boxes for your kids what is the first thing you consider?

Mine is material.

There are a lot of amazing looking lunch boxes out there that come at really affordable prices. But the problem I have with them is that they are made of plastic.

I was clear that I would buy a steel tiffin box for my child. The reasons range from safety to lifespan.

Let me elaborate:

#1. Stainless steel lunch boxes do not leach chemicals into your food

#2. Food items don’t stain steel boxes

#3. It is easy to clean

And last but not least

#4. They don’t break

And that is what makes me excited about this product. It does have plastic components, but it is mostly steel.

Vaya Tyffyn 600 (Wool): What To Expect When You Unbox It

Vaya has 3 products on offer:

The product we are talking about is the Tyffyn 600 (Wool).

The creators say that they have designed their products so that they are innovative and maintain high standards. They also claim that it keeps your meal warm for upto 4-5 hours.

The company also maintains that this product is user friendly.

But is it friendly enough for my little tornado? We will get to that in a while.


The Vaya Tyffyn 600 came securely packed in a cardboard box. (Special points for being eco-friendly!!!)

vaya tyffyn box

The box has the logo, name of the product and the variant quantity printed on it.

vaya tyffyn box side

The box contains a single unit of Vaya Tyffyn, which comprises of:

removable partition

  • Outer cover with handle
  • One tyffyn base with 2 latches on either sides
  • 2 inner containers with a capacity 300 ml
  • 2 partitions for the inner containers

vaya tyffyn components

Appearance & material

The tiffin is 13 centimeters in height. The product is called Tyffyn 600 as it contains two containers that can contain a volume of 300 ml each.

While there are 2 different sizes on offer, each Vaya Tyffyn comes in 3 variants. This variant is based on the graphics on the outer cover. They are maple which has a wool like appearance, graphite which has a matt steel effect and the wool, which is I feel is the most fun print of all.

It looks like the box is covered with a woolen fabric, but in reality it is not.

vaya graphics up close

The outer cover has a handle on top.

handle of tyffyn

It is made of stainless steel with copper lining inside. It uses the VacuTherm technology to keep the food at optimum temperatures.

The base is made of plastic that is FDA approved and BPA-free.

vaya tyffyn base

It has two stainless steel latches that help to keep the inner containers secure.

open latch of tyffyn

steel latch of tyffyn

Coming to the containers- they are also made of stainless steel and have a copper finish.

open container and lid vaya tyffyn

inner containers vaya tyffyn

The containers are provided with 2 partitions/ dividers.

plastic divider vaya

The dividers are removable making the inner containers very versatile.

removable partition

These dividers and the lids are made of the same plastic that the base is made of.

You also get a warranty of 1 year.

Price: Rs 1790/-

How The Vaya Tyffn 600 became my kid’s best lunch buddy?

I had seen the pictures and videos of the product. But I was totally blown away by the looks!

vaya tyffyn front view

When I said that it is a product that will make you sit up and take notice, I wasn’t kidding. If I was asked to describe it in 2 words – I would say that it is elegant and classy. The graphics on the box are so realistic!

In fact, it looked so good that I didn’t want to pack lunch in it!

I voiced my thoughts out loud and my child wasn’t too happy. The thing was that both of us liked it and we almost fought over the ownership of the tyffyn. Ultimately better sense prevailed.

But then I had a small nagging thought – is it suitable for kids?

It is made of safe materials, but is it easy for a child to open and close without assistance?

It took me a while shake the fangirl mode off and get into action. The tyffyn came with two small sheets with details about the product and instructions.

So as with every new product, I decided to wash it before using. The leaflet said that I shouldn’t wash the outer cover under running water or dishwasher. So I gave a thorough wiping down with a damp cloth.

The inner containers were washed and rinsed and kept on a drying mat with the lids off.

While you can pack both hot and cold food items, I decided to go with hot. According to what I saw on the site and the pamphlet, I gave the inner container a good rinse in warm water. I wanted to see how it performs, so I decided to let my child try it out a home before she took it to school.

I had decided on packing some soya biriyani, raita and tangy raw mango salad.

As mentioned on the pamphlet, I placed the inner containers on my wooden chopping board. Then I proceeded to pack the food items while they were still quite hot. To be honest, I didn’t really like the idea of letting hot food come in contact with the plastic divider. So I waited for the food to cool down a bit, but not enough.

The concerns I had were, if it would leak and if she could manage to open the tiffin box all by herself.

So what happened at the time of the big reveal?

The food stayed warm even after 4 hours. (Yeay) My LO managed to open the steel clasps. (Yeay again)

She could not open the container. I am guessing that the heat is what made it difficult because even I found it a bit tough. The thing is that, I was able to open it easily when it was empty.

But the food was warm! So I was happy. You can also see that the divider has kept the food from mixing.

food in vaya

I decided to be persistent and try again. The second time around, I got a hang of it. I used my thumb to slowly ease the lid open and I taught my child to open it this way. The second time around I packed some beans rice, aloo palak and masala papad.

lunch in vaya

This time too, the lunch box came back empty!

When it comes to cleaning, I followed the instructions and wiped the outer lid as before.There was no smell of food, which meant that wiping with a cloth will do the trick.

The inner containers were washed with dish washing liquid and I did not scrub it.

What I liked as that the plastic lids did not have any grooves that could prove to be hiding spots for food.

After washing, just leave it open.

Remember: Do not scrub/ use dishwashing detergent with bleach or chlorine. While you can wash the inner containers and lids in a dishwasher, you shouldn’t do that with the outer cover and base.

Also do not use it inside a microwave or on a stove.


  • Made of food grade stainless steel
  • The plastic used is BPA free
  • The materials used to make the Vaya Tyffyn are approved by FDA and is RohS and SVHC compliant
  • Leakproof (if you follow the instructions)
  • Ideal for both hot and cold food (just don’t carry both together)
  • Compact and sleek design
  • The removable dividers make the containers versatile
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Components are sturdy
  • Value for money


  • The weight
  • No slot for cutlery
  • The steel clasp could be a bit sharp for small kids
  • Small for older kids (if you need to send a snacks and lunch, you have to go for the bigger model)
  • Availability

Will I recommend the Vaya Tyffyn 600 (Wool)?

A definite yes!

My daughter loves to take her lunch in the Vaya Tyffyn.  As a mom I am happy as she gets to eat warm food at lunchtime.

Well, it is definitely expensive and there are tonnes of other variants that don’t cost as much. Despite that I would recommend it.

The major reason is because of the materials used. They have used stainless steel as much as possible. The use of plastic is limited to the lids and dividers and the base. But even there they have used BPA free plastic.

You may be thinking now that there are many steel tiffin boxes made by reputed brands that are cheaper than the Vaya Tyffyn.

That brings me to the second reason- this is not your regular tiffin. You can see that the makers have put in a lot of thought to make it look the way it does. In short it is a marriage of beauty and functionality.

The third reason is that it is ideal for both hot and cold food and eliminates the need for rewarming.

In other words, your child will have warm food even at school without the hassles of re-heating! And if you pack smart – he/she can even have the perfect sandwich that isn’t soggy!

So yes, it is worth the money you spend!

I am planning to buy the Vaya Bagmat too!

Where can you buy it?

You can purchase it at the Vaya site. This model is currently only available on the Vaya site. You have an option of buying it with the Bagmat or without.

If you are going for the Vaya Tyffyn 1000, then you can buy it on Amazon too.

They have also started shipping globally, so if you are interested, check out the Vaya Global website to see if it ships to your country.

If you have any doubts, you can head to the Vaya website for all the scoop on the products they have on offer.

Pssst.. Vaya if you are reading this

Add more variants in terms of the graphics. If I had to choose one for myself, I would go for the Graphite but when it comes to choosing for kids, it is a bit tough. The Wool looks peppy and is a fun option so do add more of such fun variants for kids.

Also it would be really awesome if you could eliminate the plastic entirely!

How would I rate Vaya Tyffyn 600?

 A solid 4 on 5! I have reduced one mark for availability and lack of options for kids.

PS: Update on the tug-of-war, my LO has graciously let me use ‘her’ tyffyn, if I decide to go to school! Kids!!!


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