Various Toothpaste and Toothbrush Choices for Babies


various toothpaste and toothbrush choices for babies

I had written a post on why dental hygiene is important for a baby even in her early days. This post is about the various toothpaste and toothbrush choices for babies available in India/online stores.

Usually the baby brush has soft bristles , good grip and are compact . I started with finger brush for Anshika and later on moved to the baby brush .

As per the pediatricians , babies under 2 years do not need any toothpaste. A simple brushing with warm / plain water is enough . Majority of the toothpaste in the market are loaded with fluorides in a higher concentration which is not suitable for babies. But if you baby’s mouth is smelly or has bad breath , you can start using toothpaste with low fluoride levels.

List of Various Toothpaste and Toothbrush Choices for Babies:


1. Pigeon Lesson 123 Training Toothbrush Set 

Well this toothbrush consists of 3 sets

ie 1st stage for 6-8 month  babies having 2-3 milk teeth

2nd stage for 11M+ babies having 8-10 milk teeth

3rd stage for 1Y+ babies having full or full milk teeth

The bristles and grip are soft designed specially for babies. It contains all stages of toothbrush in one set , so you need not spend money as and when your baby outgrows a particular stage.

2. Chicco Toothbrush

Suitable for 6 M+ babies, Chicco Toothbrush has extra soft bristles , rounded head and non slippy grip .

3. Farlin 3 Stages Toothbrush Set

Ideal for babies from birth up to 9 months , Farlin 3 stages like Pigeon has 3 sets of toothbrush so that there is no need of spending as and when the baby grows

4. Farlin First Toothbrush

Ideal for babies Farlin First toothbrush can be used for gum massaging as well as cleaning of milk teeth. It is boiler and dish wash safe.

5. Chicco Set Dental

Well if you are looking for a complete dental care kit, Chicco is a must buy. The set consists of a toothbrush , a paste and a set to keep them . The whole package looks so cute 🙂 The Chicco toothpaste is fluorine free and made up of preservative free formula. The brush has softer bristles and helps in removal of plaque and prevents cavities. Ideal for 1year+ babies.

6. Nuk Training Toothbrush Set with Protective Ring

Nuk Training Toothbrush set ensures the brush is not pushed too far into baby’s mouth hurting him/her with the usage of dergonomic anti-slip safety grip and protective ring.


1. Chicco Flavoured Toothpaste

Ideal for babies as it’s free from fluorine , contains Xylitol which helps to prevent tooth decay. Chicco toothpaste contains bioavailable calcium which helps to protect and strengthen the teeth. Available in different flavors

2. Pigeon Children Toothpaste

Ideal for babies from 0M – 6 Years. Pigeon children toothpaste has non foamy formula and limited foaming agents. It prevents tooth decay and promotes healthier gums and teeth. Available in different flavors.

3. Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste Organic 

This is the organic toothpaste which is available for babies. It is sugar-free and doesn’t foam. Though it’s very expensive looking at the features and quality of this product this product can be worth the price. All ingredients are natural and safe even when the baby ingests it. No SLS, color , preservatives or Fluorine. Its BPA free too 🙂 Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste is available in different flavors too 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post on the various toothpaste and toothbrush choices for babies . Which one do you use for your munchkin ? Pls share with me .


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  1. Hi sangeetha mam, i need to know how to make my toddler to spit out after brushing, we are using a PEDIFLOR kidz toothpaste containing xylitol. he is swallowing soon after brushing.

  2. I believe that you should be very careful when choosing the toothpaste for your baby. I would only get herbal or organic paste that does not contain any harmful chemicals.

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