Valentine’s Day Craft for Toddlers – Handmade Card DIY


Once you have a kid, Valentine’s Day is not always red roses and candlelight dinner. Does that mean that you don’t celebrate it? Of course not! This year, I have decided not to give my husband any cards, instead the card will be from our daughter. Here is a handmade card DIY a perfect Valentine’s day craft for toddlers.

How it went down?

I approached my little one with some paint and crepe paper. Her eyes lit up, so I knew she was on board. But there was just one issue, she is currently walking around with her destructive mode on, so I wasn’t sure as to how to proceed.

Now, I am a firm believer of the fact that crafts should be fun and not forced, so I decided to use her destructive side to my benefit.

Fortunately we succeeded!!

The elements:

Toddlers get bored really fast! So this card is actually the result of 4 different activities. After she was done, I strung together all her handiwork and put the card together.

So what you see here is a collective effort from our side.

valentine's day craft for toddlers

Step by step valentine’s day craft for toddlers – Valentine’s Day card for dad:

Materials required:

  • Chart paper – 1
  • Crepe paper – 2 sheets (I have used pink and red)
  • Acrylic paint – colors of your choice
  • Paint brush
  • Fevicol
  • Pencil
  • Sketch pen
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • A willing toddler


Front page: 

Take the chart paper, cut enough to make the card. On the front page draw borders (approx. 2 cms).

Press firmly on some chart paper till you get the desired result. Leave it to dry.

valentine's day craft for toddlersvalentine's day craft for toddlers

Wash the paint off your child’s palm and dry thoroughly. Let your tot tear the crepe paper into small pieces.

Roll it up into tiny balls. Once you have got a handful of both colors, mix the two different colored balls.

valentines day craft for toddler valentines day craft for toddler

Apply glue on the border and stick the crepe paper balls.

valentines day craft for toddler valentines day craft for toddler

Once the hand print has dried, cut along the outline leaving a small border as shown in the picture. Stick the palm in the centre of the chart.  

valentines day craft for toddler valentines day craft for toddler

To make owl:

Draw the outline of an owl on some chart paper. Cut it out. Color the face, wings and feet.

valentines day craft for toddler valentines day craft for toddler

Ask your tot to help you tear up some more crepe paper, like shown in the picture.

Stick it on the body of the owl. Once it has dried trim the edges (refer the picture).

valentines day craft for toddler valentines day craft for toddler

valentines day craft for toddler valentines day craft for toddler

Stick the wings, feet and eyes on the owl. Stick it on the card. Add detailing.

valentines day craft for toddler

Inner page:

Roll up the paper like a straw. Dip it in any color and use it to the stamp the inner page. Use as many colors as you like.

valentines day craft for toddlervalentines day craft for toddler

While your kiddo is busy stamping, cut out two hearts, one on crepe and the other on paper. The crepe heart should be bigger than the one cut out of paper.

Stick the paper heart on the crepe heart. Once the paint has dried on the chart, stick the heart. You can write your message on this.

valentine's day craft for toddlers valentine's day craft for toddlers


    • Make your kiddo wear an apron or make sure he is wearing clothes that are appropriate for playing with paint.
    • Make sure you use newspapers to protect the surfaces while your kiddo is using paint.
    • You can use water color instead of acrylic colors.
    • After handling the crepe paper, wash the child’s hands.
    • For stamping the inner page you can use a straw instead of rolling up the paper.
    • You can use these elements as separate cards too.
    • Ensure your child is not left unsupervised while handling craft items.

Hope all you mommies and kiddos will have fun making this Valentine’s day craft for toddlers in the form of a card for loved ones. You can make more for other family members too!

Let me know in comments.  how your experience was.

Happy Valentine’s Day and spread the love!


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  1. Fabulous idea with creative mind…loved it..i remember my experience fr wrapping christmas gift for him..he was so excited my house was in real mess with lots of paper cuts…bt anyways time well spent fr both of us…its really fun activity…will wait fr my kiddo to turn 2 atleast fr this….☺

    • Chitra Santosh on

      Thanks a lot Jenet for your kind words!!

      My LO is two too!! Although you can use the hand impression part if you want to try early. Use beetroot or spinach puree for the colour. Tc

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