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A few months ago, when kids of similar age were crazy for cartoon characters and series, Anshika was least interested in them. She was more into Bollywood peppy numbers. When other parents appreciated us for Anshika being not into cartoons, little did we know it was just the phase.

You read it right. Now Anshika is cartoon savvy, thanks to the daycare which plays Doraemon, Chhota Bheem series in the playtime hours. The difficult part comes where in she wants her Chhota Bheem or Doraemon brands in everything she likes – tshirts, balloons, shoes, bag, mug and plates.

But if we think from a parent’s perspective, this phase of our child is real fun and precious. The happiness and the enthusiasm she feels, when she finds her favorite Chhota Bheem prints in the shoes or t-shirts can’t be measured. I as a mother, feels complete with such small small happy moments of my child.

Today I bring to you the review of the interactive microsite for kids by Usha International and the new range of products which can definitely bring smile on your little one’s face.

usha fans (1)

Usha has been a synonym for fans right from my childhood days. Now they have introduced the new ‘Usha Kids’ range of fans to add that touch of magic, fun and happiness to your children’s room.

You guessed it right, all in the 4 famous characters namely Barbie, Hotwheels, Chhota Bheem and Doraemon. The interesting thing about the fan range of the collection is that you can get different varieties.

For example if your little one is a Chhota Bheem addict like mine, you can select one of the two Chhota Bheem fans namely Chhota Bheem-chutki and chhota Bheem-ladoo. Similarly varieties are available for Barbie, Doraemon and Hotwheels too.

barbie pink rotation

barbie pink rotation

hotwheel fracer

Hotwheel fracer

Their interactive website has a lot of games for your little one namely memory, design your fan, puzzles, spot the difference to name a few.

Here is a fan that I designed. It was real fun.

make your fan

They also have the kids corner, where in the information or facts about each cartoon character is displayed. For example I chose to know a little more about Chhota Bheem. Here is what is shown.

kids corner

Quite cool isn’t?

I can really imagine my daughter gazing upon the Chhota Bheem or Doraemon fan in her room. This is definitely in my ‘must buy list’ when I plan our daughter’s room decor.

If you are planning to surprise your child for the next birthday or wish to add that touch of fun n magic to his room decor, try the Usha kids range of fans today. Also make sure your little one enjoys the interactive games and kids corner in this microsite.

You can know more about the range of products and the entertainment activities for kids in their official website. You can also check out their Youtube, Facebook and Twitter pages.


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