Tupperware Smart Chopper and Twinkle Tup Range Review


During lunch break at the office canteen, I used to observe the number of associates carrying lunch in Tupperware boxes. I must admit ¾th of my office associates trust Tupperware when it comes to lunch box, snack box and even water bottles!

Today I present to you the review of the baby collection Twinkle Tup Range which is BPA free, color safe and child safe and a smart chopper from Tupperware.

The smart chopper is reviewed by me, while baby bottle and bowl n cutlery by 2 readers of Bumps n Baby.


1. BABY BOTTLE (270 ml)

Reviewed by: Pallavi Bhurke, mom to a 6 month old baby girl

baby bottle



  • The milk bottle has enough capacity
  • The material is reliable and leak proof
  • Air is not sucked and stored inside the bottle even when the bottle is emptied


Nothing I could think of.

Your experience of using Tupperware baby bottle:

Tupperware is a trusted brand and I was happy to use its feeding bottle for my baby.

The biggest advantage I felt was that no air was sucked in this bottle even after the entire milk is used up. Usually the air which gets sucked in, makes the baby uncomfortable and results in spitting up. There was no sound of the air getting emptied even.

Usually my daughter spits up after feeding milk from her bottle. But I noticed that the vomiting completely stopped when I changed to this feeding bottle from Tupperware.

Thanks to the air-emptying-valve mechanism provided in the bottle.

Would you recommend this product to fellow parents?

Definitely YES.

Your rating: 5 out of 5.


Reviewed by:  Karuna Somayaji, mom to 4 year old Araina.

twinkle easy grip bowl

Price: 220 INR for bowl and 215 INR for cutlery set


  • Material is very good
  • No plastic smell
  • Leak proof
  • Easy to handle during cleaning
  • Product is microwave safe because of which storing food and warming it again becomes very convenient and no need to use multiple vessels
  • No sharp edged cutlery which could harm toddlers


No disadvantages or CONS.

As a parent I would like to have more options of these bowls in various sizes and brighter colors as it would appeal toddlers.

Your experience with Twinkle easy grip bowl:

My daughter carries her fruits to school in the easy grip bowl and she is quite happy with it. The fruits remain fresh till her break and there is no complaint from her about the freshness of fruits lost.

Your rating:  5 out of 5

Would you recommend this to fellow parents? Definitely yes.


Smart chopper

Reviewed by:  me

Price: 2700 INR


  • Compact and stylish
  • Quite a time saver when it comes to chopping herbs
  • Handling and cleaning is very easy
  • Quite travel friendly
  • Transparent base helps to see the consistency of ingredients being chopped

CONS: Expensive!

My experience with smart chopper:

I can say smart chopper from Tupperware can be a mom’s best friend. When you are in a rush to cook, this chopper comes so handy.

Right from herbs like garlic, chillies, ginger, onions to apples , this chopper can chop it very finely within minutes. Dips, chutneys, salsa etc can be made in a jiffy!

The cord provided is handy and the entire set is so compact that you can take it with you even while travelling.

When my daughter is fussy when it comes to eating apples, I just chop it using the smart chopper and give her.

My rating: 4.5 out of 5

Would I recommend it to fellow moms? Yes definitely, a complete time saver I can say.

If you would like to get in touch with the Tupperware India and its products, you can visit their official website and Facebook page.


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