Getting an Early Start on Eating Smart – The Need for a Good Baby Cereal


Dear moms, did you know that food is one of the best ways to bond with your baby? We’ve all read that babies who are securely attached to their mother at 12 months old are more likely in their early 20s to come out of an argument still feeling connected. Well and to be honest, there are quite a few theories associated with the early years of a child, but my favorite is – ‘An early start to eat smart.’ When it comes to the first foods for your baby, it’s only natural for a mother to weigh the best options. 

At around 6 months, it’s about time to include semi-solids to your baby’s diet. It is only obvious that the first foods are nutritious, as well as yummy.

How do you know your child is ready? 

Each child’s readiness for solid food depends on their own rate of growth and development. One of the must-watch signs that your baby may be ready to start solid foods includes sitting up with very little support. Most pediatricians recommend starting semi-solids between 5.5 to 6 months of age. 

Importance of Baby’s First Foods

The first 1000 days are crucial in a child’s life. As the baby turns 6 months, his body requires nutrients provided by food sources over and above the mother’s milk. When a mother introduces her child to the world of solid foods, she is often told that the process would shape the relationship with food and establish a healthy eating style for the baby. And this is TRUE! 

Research shows that kids need time to get comfortable with new tastes, flavors, and textures, so don’t lose heart if your baby has rejected a new food for the first time. Persistence and patience is the key, dear mum. Tell yourself,” Ah! Better luck next time.” 

What’s a baby’s ideal first food? 

Babies are delicate and so are their tummies. Added preservatives, trans fats, and refined sugar can be harmful. These are some of those items that should never make it into your baby’s first foods list, e.g. maida biscuits or lots of sugar in sooji halwa or perhaps certain baby cereals that are loaded with multi-purpose flour and refined sugar! 

Examples of appropriate solid foods listed for a 6-month old: 

Six months is an important mile marker as this is when your little one is ready to start semi-solids and baby food. This happens alongside slowly beginning to wean them from breast milk. It is important to not get overzealous during this time and you must remember that your baby is trying baby food for the first time. For your six-month-old, start with pureed or mashed foods. As infants develop, they improve their chewing and motor skills and can handle items like soft pieces of fruit and finger foods by the time they are 8 to 9 months.

Any baby food must be introduced slowly, and in small quantities to check their reaction to it. Some of the best first foods to start with are:

  • Ground, cooked, single-grain cereal or infant cereal with breast milk or formula
  • Cooked and pureed vegetables
  • Mashed banana or avocado


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Disclaimer: Be alert to any unusual or unfavorable reactions to any of these items, such as allergies, constipation, or vomiting. If any of these persist, we recommend you consult a pediatrician.

Food items that contain artificially added colors and flavors are to be avoided at any cost. A lot of brands also sell syrupy fruits in the name of ‘organic, real fruits.’ But, that’s not real-real fruits, and a mom knows that. 

Not all packaged baby cereals are bad! 

Softer textures and highly nutritious yummy foods that contain no artificial additions are the best first foods. Are you wondering if such magical combinations exist? Well! They do.  Have you ever tried organic baby cereals? Or for that matter, Slurrp Farm’s range of baby cereals?

slurrp farm baby cereals

For instance, powered with organic super grain Finger Millet (Ragi) that has 10x the calcium of wheat & rice, Slurrp Farm’s Ragi & Rice Cereal: Strawberry makes perfect baby food. It is fortified with iron, vitamins, and minerals. No white sugar, only mildly sweetened with Jaggery. Made with organic ingredients, NO maida, NO trans, fats, and NO preservatives. That’s not all. It contains real fruits and no artificial colors or flavors. 

Slurrp Farm ragi rice cereal with strawberry

Slurrp Farm also specializes in versatile single-grain cereals such as Sprouted Ragi Powder, Oats Powder, and Brown Rice Powder

Starting early to eating smart lays the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating habits inculcated from the start can go a long way not just for your child but for you as much. Not only will your precious ones be healthier and stronger, but they would also face fewer health problems in their adulthood. 

Author Bio:

Recognizing the impact of good nutrition on a child’s ability to grow, learn and thrive, Slurrp Farm’s mission is to ensure that food which is free of all toxins and artificial ingredients; and is sustainably sourced and grown – can be easily available on the retail shelf. 

The company uses a diverse range of heirloom super grains in their recipes: Finger Millet (Ragi), Sorghum (Jowar), Foxtail millet, Amaranth, Lentils, and Oats. Wholegrains like Millets pack a nutritional punch, as they contain far more essential nutrients than refined flours, are good for the farmer who grows them, and is sustainable for the planet. 

Slurrp Farm strongly believes that no parent should compromise on health or taste when it comes to feeding their child. And that is the Slurrp Farm promise – made by two mothers, just the way you would at home


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