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Are you a parent?

If yes I am sure that you will be crazy about taking pics of each and every cute move made by your little one. Some photos are clicked because they are his firsts – first day, first smile, first step, and first time eating solids and so on. Some photos are clicked just because – come on its my baby and I don’t have to give a reason to take a photo of my cutie pie! 😛

Also you will be having a pile of papers on your desk or files in your laptop (not at all organized if you are like me) to record and track your munchkins medical history, immunization, milestones and what not.

You must have even bought a record book and ended up creating a not so appreciable one. Blame it on your underdeveloped artsy- craftsy skills. 🙂

Want an easy-peasy and yet secure way to manage all your parenting needs and cater to all your emotions as a parent?

Want a single solution to preserve memories and manage and share them with your loved ones?

Little1 is a website that can surely help you in this. I came across when I searched for an online baby record book for my son.


Believe me I was over excited and amazed by the features these people provide in this site. They have everything you need as a parent!!!

What is Little1?

Little1 is a simple, exclusive and easy to use platform that helps you preserve every beautiful moment of your child- be it a photo, milestone or medical record.

Little1 is a complete solution to keep record of your child’s pictures, memories, developments, medical records and much more.

How to access Little1?

Go to Little1 official website. Sign up and create your profile. Now you have access to all the features offered by Little1 whenever you login.

What are the features offered by Little1?

nannu little world

Going through the site I was so excited by seeing the n number of features they have included to make parenting easy and enjoyable.

From preserving memories to tracking everything regarding your baby is included here. Below are few features I liked the most. 

  • Baby record book

record book

You can create a beautiful baby record book in minutes.

The site offers many beautiful templates for the record book. Select one. Enter the details, upload the photos and the book is ready.

You can share it online with your friends or you can order for a printed copy of the baby record book.

One feature I liked is that you can change or edit the pictures and details anytime you want. Templates can also be changed anytime as per your needs.

  • Secure sharing

All the pictures and details that are uploaded in this site is kept secure and we can select the friends or family members who can view these details. So to put it in simple words – we can decide who all will have access to our albums and records.

  • Easy uploading of photos

Photos are easy to upload and can be uploaded from your desktop, Picasa, Facebook, Flickr etc.

  • Medical diary

They have the provision to store your baby’s medical records and details of the visit to the pediatrician.

An immunization chart as per the IAP recommendations is also given so that you can use it handy whenever needed.

A medical and parenting info is also included as part of the medical diary. All the basic information a parent should know can be read and understood from here.

  • Milestone calendar

Each milestone of your baby can be recorded here. A growth chart of your baby can also be made using the features in Little1. And it just takes few entries to create your own baby growth chart.

  • Reminder list

Have difficulty remembering the vaccination date or a friend’s birthday or the appointment date to the next baby check-up?

Little1 has an option for setting a vaccine reminder or any sort of reminder that you want.

  • My Funny Pictures

This option helps you to enhance and edit the pictures that are uploaded.You can fill in effects, resize, add stickers or frames and do much more with your pics.

  • Blog posts

They have a collection of articles that are handy to any mom or dad. They have covered everything from digital safety and kids to newborn baby care and home remedies through these posts.

  • Early learning at home

You can use this feature in Little1 to introduce the numbers, alphabets and other basic things to your toddler.

  • Search feature

Little1 provides a search feature to search for playschools, pediatricians, hospitals etc in your city. Just select what you want to search for and the city you live in.

  • Baby website and calendar

Yes they do have an option to make a website exclusively for your baby.

You can also try the baby calendar feature. 

  • My invitation list

Here you can invite your friends through gmail, facebook etc to view your baby’s record book and details. This helps you to manage with whom all you will share your baby’s details.

  • Favorite items

Here you have the provision to enter all the favorites of your munchkin. Be it the favorite toy, word, food, TV show or anything. You can also edit or change it whenever you want. Isn’t that a pretty good feature? Once your kids grow into a teenager and then an adult, he will be very happy to read through all these.

What more features Little1 have?

The features provide by little one are just apt for any parent. Apart from the above listed features they have many more like family tree, parents journal, baby canvas and much more. Just log in to Little1 and you will be happy that you did.

Do they have a mobile app?

To make things more handy and easy for parents like you and me, Little1 has thoughtfully made a mobile app too. Check out the mobile app of Little1 now.

Now isn’t that cool?

Would I recommend Little1?

YES YES YES.  With all the features they provide, the simplicity and security provided by the site I will surely recommend Little1.

It is a one-stop destination to cater to all the parenting needs from saving and sharing memories to tracking your little ones development.


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Anu Prabin is a software engineer turned freelance writer who loves to pen down her journey and experience as a mother. She likes to connect with like-minded moms. Movies, books, and food are the three things that cheer her up. She enjoys doing arts and crafts with her son and shares various fun activities for kids through her Instagram account @thebacktoschoolmom. She wholeheartedly promotes the habit of reading in kids and considers books as the perfect gift for any occasion. A typical Kerala mom, she is currently settled in UAE along with her husband and son.

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