ReeBaby True Anti Colic Baby Bottle Review


ReeBaby true anti colic baby bottle review
Colic refers to the excessive crying in babies for a certain period during the day, week or month. A colicky baby is difficult to manage as even the parents get scared seeing their little one in pain.

Though the reasons given are many, there is no scientific reason proved for colic in babies. Gas formation, immature digestive system, allergies, lactose intolerance are all considered to be the valid reasons for colic in babies.

Some medical experts point out the improper bottle feeding as a main reason for colic. As the air flow inside the conventional feeding bottles are not balanced, babies ingest a lot of air along with the milk causing flatulence, gas, bloating, ear infection or excessive spit ups.

When the Reebaby team contacted me for the review of their anti colic bottle, I really wanted it reviewed by a real mother with a colicky baby.

I was fortunate enough to get my hubby’s colleague who is our reader, a new mother with an extremely colicky baby of 2 months to have the product reviewed.

Let’s see how ReeBaby True Anti colic baby bottle fared her daughter.

ReeBaby true anti colic baby bottle – Company claims:

The ReeBaby ‘True Anti-Colic’ baby bottle, has a ‘Patented Air Venting’ mechanism, which prevents formation of vacuum in the bottle for a smooth, controlled flow of milk while your baby is feeding. This also helps prevent colic.

The ‘Patented Anti-Colic Valve’ in our bottles helps to balance out the airflow, which in turn, ensures a smooth and controlled flow to milk to the baby.

Product description:

The material of ReeBaby true anti colic baby bottle  is borosilicate glass. Beautiful orange and white in color, the bottle is designed in such a way that it has unique two way opening and a joint free design.

There is a protective plastic case and a base to prevent the bottle from accidental breakage. The nipple provided along with the bottle is made up of silicon.

PRICE: Rs.990


ReeBaby anti colic baby bottle

  • Regulates the milk flow to the baby by proper airflow regulation
  • No need to worry about BPA or BPA free as the true anti colic baby bottle is made up of thick borosilicate glass
  • Sterilizing the bottle is quite easy as it’s made of thick glass unlike the plastic bottles available in the market
  • Because of the two way opening and joint free design, assembling and cleaning is quite easy
  • Protective plastic base helps to prevent the breaking of the bottle if dropped accidentally
  • Quite travel friendly
  • Measurement markings on the bottle helps to know the quantity of milk consumed by the baby
  • Feasible price

CONS: Can’t think of any.

Suggestions: A suggestion is the need for more detailed instructions with diagrams on using the bottle.

As a first time user, I had difficulty in understanding the usage of anti colicky bottle and I referred to the Ree baby website to know the procedure.

My experience with this product:

ReeBaby true anti colic baby bottle
My baby is two months old and is extremely colicky.  Though she is breastfed, once in a while I feel the need to pump milk and store for later use.

I was in search for a feeding bottle that helped to reduce colic in my baby. After using ReeBaby true anti colic baby bottle for 3 weeks this is my experience.

Once the bottle was filled with milk, air bubbles were observed. After pinching the anti colic valve the air bubbles reduced. Thus this bottle reduces the amount of air the baby takes in while feeding, which is a possible cause of colic.

True anti colic bottle from ReeBaby is easy to sterilize and use, all thanks to the strong borosilicate glass.

My baby used to be unsettled after feeds with a regular bottle which I bought from the market. But after being fed with this ReeBaby true anti colic bottle, my baby has been feeling more comfortable after feeds and her colic has been reduced to NIL considerably.

I can say this is the amazing product I had been waiting for as I have used almost everything for my baby’s colic so far.

My rating: 4.5 out of 5

Would I recommend the product?

If your baby is colicky, discard all the baby feeding bottles used as of now and start using ReeBaby anti colicky baby bottles

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You can also get in touch with them via their FB pageReeBaby true anti colic bottle is also available in Flipkart and Amazon.

Happy feeding!


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