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When it comes to the safety and comfort level, without a doubt, organic cotton clothing is the most preferred one for babies and kids. Cotton is one of the most comfortable fabrics for kid’s clothing. Clothes made from organic cotton are considered the safest as they don’t cause any kind of allergies, they are comfortable and easy to skin. Moreover, when we hear the term “organic”, our attention naturally goes towards it.  

What is organic clothing?

Organic clothing is the clothing made from organic cotton. Now, what is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is cotton that is cultivated using techniques causing minimal damage to the environment. This type of cotton is softer and more comfortable for sensitive skin which makes it ideal for kids.

Is there any difference between regular cotton and organic cotton?

Yes, there is.

Regular cotton is grown using genetically modified seeds to get the desired quality in cotton. Inappropriate use of pesticides is very common to grow regular crops.The seeds of regular cotton are thus resistant to some bugs that cause infection in cotton plants. Also, many kinds of chemicals, including chemical dyes are used to make the clothing from regular cotton.

The opposite is the case in organic cotton. Organic cotton is cultivated using natural seeds. Harmful chemicals are not used in the production of organic cotton. The cultivation of organic cotton is totally dependent on organic methods of farming. Organic Cotton is approved under the “The Global Organic Textiles Standard” from the cultivation of cotton to the finished product.

nino bambino cotton organic clothing

Why prefer organic cotton clothing?

Organic cotton is softer and gentler to our skin. Hence, it is most preferred for toddlers who have sensitive skin. Problems like skin rashes, itching, and irritation due to bad quality of clothing and the dyes used to make them are not seen in the organic clothing.

Organic clothing is also environment friendly as air, water and soil remain pollution-free while growing organic cotton. Hence, organic clothing is also friendly to small animals and their habitats. Organic farming also doesn’t have any bad impact on the farmers’ and the other workers’ health. Organic cotton also utilizes less water and produces lesser pollution than regular cotton crops.

Moreover, organic cotton yields a better quality fabric as the processing is done naturally. Generally, regular cotton fabrics are processed with harsh chemicals which cause the fibers to get damaged and make them less durable. While organic cotton is not treated with any such chemicals. This makes the fibers softer and more durable.
So, in all ways choosing organic clothing is the best for our kids and loved ones.

Nino Bambino – One Stop Destination for Organic Clothing for Kids in India

Knowing about the goodness of organic clothing, if you are planning to upgrade your kid’s wardrobe, the best is here – Nino Bambino. It is the one-stop destination for organic clothes for your kids.

Nino Bambino is a brand providing sustainable organic clothing of cool designs at affordable rates. It is a young brand that parents and the loved ones of the kids are most preferring nowadays. Especially now during the pandemic situation, when staying at home is the safest, you may avail fun of shopping just by few clicks from Nino Bambino online store.

The comfort and the design

Nino Bambino has tried to come out with the best for the extremely delicate skin of infants and kids. The products are soft and smooth to touch, breathable, and free from any irritating or allergy-causing chemicals. 

Given the preference to produce a safe and sustainable product, Nino Bambino products’ designs are also amazing. Made using bright and defined colors, the super-soft clothes from the brand will definitely add style and comfort to your kids’ wardrobe.

The clothes are designed keeping in mind the functionality, commonly faced clothing-related issues, and the sensitivity of kid’s skin. Embellishments and fancy works that are uncomfortable or unsafe for kids are avoided while designing Nino Bambino clothes. Comfort is given preference and clothes are designed such that they are neither too loose nor too tight.

Before reaching the market, it is ensured that the products are matching with the quality standards. Thus, Nino Bambino’s design of clothes is the solution to most of the clothing-related issues faced by the kids and their parents. 

Nino Bambino organic clothing

The variety of clothing

It is best when the quality meets quantity. At Nino Bambino, this is the reality. You can choose the best suitable for your kids from the low cost, stylish, and comfortable varieties available here. 

Starting from accessories- like diapers, swaddle, mitten, bibs, all varieties of baby and kids’ clothing is available in Nino Bambino. The variety of clothes available include onesies, t-shirts, skirts, dungaree, frocks, jeans, shorts, and whatnot. Cloths for every season are also available in different colors and comfortable trendy designs.

The best part is you can choose from the pre-matched sets which makes the trial of a pair much easier. 

Age group

The clothing is available for the age group newborns to 3 years predominantly. Stylish and trendy collection of kidswear for age group 4 to 12 years is also featured in this online store.

Nino bambino organic clothing for kids

Nino Bambino – the well doer to the society

At Nino Bambino, it is not only about the products they make, but also about giving back to society.

In association with an NGO, Nino Bambino helps society by providing education to the needy ones. Also, Nino Bambino contributes to empowering rural women to become self-dependent. 

In short, Nino Bambino is a brand you should be shopping from – for the comfort of your kids, and also for the betterment of the environment and society.

It is best to try, instead of believing the words. 

Start online shopping at your comfort right now from Nino Bambino.

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