100+ New Products – Bumps N Baby Online Store Has More Than What You have Seen Last Time!!


Exactly one year and 3 months back we launched our very own Bumps N Baby online store, bumpsnbaby.in, promising ‘something for every bump and baby’.


bumps n baby online store introA 1.3-year-old is no more a newborn!! We too have entered our toddlerhood; we too are growing- expanding to be more precise. But the good news is we are not toddling, we are taking steady steps in the right direction!!

It was an awesome journey so far. Lion’s share of our efforts were put into understanding more on what a mom wants for herself and her baby. We learned through hands-on experiences how to lessen the hustles of online shopping and made your whole experience of online shopping a cakewalk. All our efforts are paid off when we get positive reviews and feedbacks from our customers and they come back to shop with us again and also recommend it to near and dear ones.

The sole intention of coming up with an online store exclusively for moms and babies was to bring to you the best that is available in the market, sticking to best quality and reasonable price.

Skin and hair care products, accessories and essentials for mom and child, online consultation services, ebooks…we have brought to you the best in this past year.

We are committed to you and proudly stick to our tagline – something for every bump and baby. This year we are bringing to you more than 100 new products that are pretty much what every mom needs for herself and her baby.

Here goes the new list of products that you can order from us with the click of a button.

Organic Baby Foods:

From the first spoon of baby food your child will have to scrumptious snacks and healthy teething biscuits, we have added a range of organic baby food products from trusted brands like Early Foods and Little Moppet Foods.

More than 30 varieties of stage one and two baby foods that include ragi/rice/multigrain porridge powders, khichdi varieties, multigrain cereals, millet flakes, biscuits, teething’s sticks etc. are the latest addition to our online store.

All baby foods are homemade and of high quality. It is preservative free and free from sugar and salt too. Sit back and relax as now you don’t have to worry about providing your child with the best baby food.

bumpsnbaby online store 1

Breakfast and snacks for the whole family:

Wholesome breakfast, irresistibly healthy noodles and nutritious snacks – we at Bumps n Baby Online Store has got everything to make sure the food you eat is unadulterated, organic and easy to make.

A variety of millet noodles, instant dosa mixes, flakes/cereals, and a preservative-free collection of biscuits and rusks to snack on made with healthy ingredients like organic multigrain, millets, healthy spices like ajwain, cumin, pepper etc. and natural sweeteners like jaggery are the new members of our store.

Pre and post-natal essentials for moms:

Maternity support panties and belts, nursing bras and pads, leggings with belly support, postpartum corset, panty for c-section recovery, maternity pads, disposable pad fixator, silicone heel cushion, etc. are just a few products that are added to our store understanding the real needs of a new mom.

All these must have products are of high quality and from brands like NewMom.

bumps n baby online store 2

Keepsakes/frames/casting DIY kits:

Keep refreshing the beautiful memories every time with these frames and casting kits from BabiesBloom that we have in our online store. Select from an array of options and preserve the moment with simple to follow DIY instructions that come along with each product.

bumpsnbaby online store 3

Apart from the above new products spanning from baby food to baby keepsake DIY kits and maternity must haves we have Nature’s Dew skin and hair care products, ebooks and consultation services for both mom and child.

Do visit our online store and we are sure that you won’t log out with an empty cart. Because there is something for every bump and baby in our store.

Happy shopping!!


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