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It was one fine afternoon , back from lunch , I and my colleague started discussing about baby care , baby baths etc and when it came to soaps for baby , she introduced me to Mysore Sandal Baby Soap , Amazed ? I was , I mean, didn’t knew that they manufacture baby soaps too .

It was her dad who introduced her to Mysore Sandal Baby Soap and she uses it for her son . The next day she gave me a cute Mysore Sandal Baby soap 🙂 .. Ok let me jump to the review

APPEARANCE : Comes in a cute white packaging  , with a transparent cover for the whitey whitey soap

SMELL : If you have used the Mysore Sandal Soap , you will still remember the intense fragrance of sandal and other essential oils in it. This Mysore Sandal Baby soap doesn’t have that intense smell , but has a very pleasant fragrance .


‘Specially created with your baby in mind , this soap is endowed with antiseptic properties. Formulated with special care for infants , it is enriched with mosituriser and almond oil. Mysore  Sandal Baby Soap keeps the skin blemish free and lessens the chances of a nappy rash ‘

INGREDIENTS : Sodium palmitate, Stearate, Oleate & Laurate, Water, Glycerine, Sodium chloride, Titanium Dioxide, Tetra sodium EDTA, Perfume and Almond oil.

PRICE : 30 INR for 75gm


  • No intense smell
  • Made especially for babies ,gentle and supple 🙂
  • Contains Sandal wood oil whick keeps skin blemish free
  • Lasts for long. one soap could be used upto 2 months.
  • Doesn’t lather much , but cleans well


  • Stings my baby’s eyes
  • Only available in Mysore and not in our supermarket stores /shops. It is available online
  • No moisturising effect on my baby’s skin , though it claims to have moisturising properties

My Experience : I am happy with this soap’s gentle cleansing but unhappy with the moisturisng effect. My baby cries out when I use it on her face , as it stings her eye, so have stopped using it on her face .No rashes / blemishes on her face / body which I am happy about .

My rating : 3 out of 5 ( 2 marks reduced for lacking no tears formula and moisturising effects)

Would I recommend : Yes , to all moms whose baby’s skin is not dry.

Which soap are you using for your baby ? Do share 🙂

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    • Hi Uma, Even I hadnt heard of it till my friend introduced it to me 🙂

      Which soap are yo using ? Do share with us 🙂 and keep visiting Bumps n Baby for more updates.

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