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When it comes to your little one, you are suddenly a perfectionist. You may not be particular about the products or clothes you use, but that changes when the person in question is your little one. You morph into a research scholar and strive to find out the best products for your child.

Don’t let these words make you feel guilty, for I am sure most of us moms fall in the same category!

I know, because I am one of you too!

When my li’l one was born, I just got news that a famous and trusted childcare brand’s products where tested positive for some not so baby friendly ingredients. I swore not to touch it ever again and shifted my focus to another brand. But then I was worried. Sure, I checked ingredients before purchase but there were a lot of alien sounding names there that made me wonder if I had chosen the right product and whether it was safe for my kiddo!

Two enterprising parents thought this way too and they decided to tackle this issue – by creating Mamaearth!

Mamaearth – A brand, by a parent, for the parent:


Founded by Ghazal and Varun, Mamaearth is a brand that has a non-tolerant attitude towards toxins. When they were shopping for their first born, they realized that many of the baby products, that are currently available in the market, contain harmful chemicals!

This got them flustered. They were now concerned about their child and the other children they knew.

So they decided to something about it and created Mamaearth, which offers 100% toxin free products.

What makes the product offering at Mamaearth different?

A sneak peek into their cute website shows the products they offer. At present they have a massage oil, body wash, shampoo, lotion, diaper rash cream and sunscreen. They are also working on some products for moms and moms to be.

While the number of products may not be much – they all have a common factor. Yes, they all have cute packaging, but apart from that, they are also toxin free.

What are these toxins?

Paraben, fragrance, mineral oil, MEA, DEA, talc, triclosan etc..etc..– do these ring a bell? Or have you seen them on the labels? If you have, then that means you are using a product with toxins. These are said to affect skin ailments and other concerns like early puberty. I am sure you would have seen these on products you use for your kids!

But you won’t find any of these ingredients in the products offered by this brand. Mamaearth is Made Safe which means that they don’t use any chemicals that are banned/ have been proven to cause issues. They also check the ingredients to see if they build up in the body/ environment causing adverse effects and remove it if they find ingredients that are guilty of doing so!

In fact, Mamaearth proudly boasts of being the only brand in Asia to have this certification!

What is so great about it, you ask?

Let me explain, each and every product is carefully formulated by the experts at Mamaearth. It is then submitted to and they check, if any of the known 8000 toxins are present in these products. After a round of stringent checks only will the product be inducted into the Mamaearth product family.

Talk about going the extra mile!

So if you are a mom, looking for skin care products for her child, then take a look at the products on offer at Mamaearth, for you may just find what you need! With a simple click, you can enter a toxin free product zone for kids. After all, it was crafted by parents!

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  1. You should also check ut products that themomsco makes. One of my friends recommended them to me, and I have become a huge fan of their products. Their philosophy is the same as Mamearth, and they have a whole array of certifications to boot as well.

    Currently they only have products for new moms-to-be, but their website says they are looking to launch a range of products for babies as well.

    Disclaimer : I am somebody who used their products (and loved them), I do not work/have any relationship for the company I just gushed about 🙂

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