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One of the most important questions I faced during my pregnancy phase from everyone was ‘ Would you be working in future with kid? ‘. True that was one question that took a lot of my time. I questioned myself everyday if i wanted job or extra care for my kid. But to be frank I wanted both , my job as well as care for my baby. In short I didn’t want a  ‘professional suicide ‘! 🙂

I discussed with my hubby regarding this and he wanted ‘ me ‘ to give it a thumpsup/down. He briefed me about the cons and pros of being a working mom and said he would respect any decision I took at that point of time . ‘Job / no job ‘ started dancing in my mind all the time 🙂 😛

My mind was engrossed with this for a week or so. Then I made the decision that I WOULD RESUME MY JOB whatever comes :). Yes I became so confident and I felt the positive vibes flowing through me ; telling me that I could manage both career as well as my kid.

Everyone including my mom kept worrying telling me that kid is more important than career. I agree, but I didn’t want that phase of my life being at home , jobless ! Ho.. I can’t think of myself in those shoes, it KILLS ME !

Below mentioned are what we planned ahead :

1. I extended my maternity leave , that gave us more time to plan and organise.

2.Travelling to office was a big headache for me, for 2-3 hours up and down makes me sick, that too with a baby at home scared me. I shared the idea of renting a house nearby my office to my hubby. He searched for it and by grace of God we got one just opposite to my office :).

3. I bought a breast pump ( Medela mini Electric starter kit ,will review it sooon) in my 8th month of pregnancy as I didn’t want my baby to feed on any other milk other than mine.

4. We searched for baby sitting centres and day cares through internet and networking. Shortlisted a few near by our house and visited each one of them directly noting the plus points as well as the minuses.

5. My working time was made flexible with the approval of my boss, feeding breaks and work from home options were allotted for me, as I resumed office when my baby was three and a half months old. Thank you Boss !

6. As my baby turned six months, I had to takecare of her solid/semi solid food . So I started working part time ; work from home till 11.00 AM, going around 11.30 AM to office and leaving by 5.30 PM 🙂

7. Sought advices/opinions of cousins,relatives and friends who manage both career and personal life in a very good way.

Sharing my day-to-day schedule as a working mom :

  • Sterlise all the utensils,spoons, and feeding bottles of baby.
  • Feed BM to baby
  • Make food for baby and our breakfast so that my hubby can drop her at the day care . (Will soon do a post on baby food for 6 months+)
  • Washing soiled dishes,vessels and other utensils.
  • Have breakfast while watching TV 🙂 .I enjoy it alllllooot !!
  • By 10.00 mop and clean my house, (You know what it means to arrange the toys with which my baby plays ! Ho !)
  • Bath and start making lunch for my baby
  • Pack all the food prepared and go to her daycare centre
  • Expressing BM and storing it
  • Going to office by 11.30 AM
  • Take a break by 2.30 PM to feed baby. If she is asleep I express BM and store it.
  • Coming back from office by 4.30-5.00 PM , washing , cleaning and cooking again
  • Picking baby from daycare
  • Feeding her BM
  • Oil massaging and bathing baby
  • Making dinner while she plays
  • Feeding her dinner
  • Having dinner with hubby

Posted my schedule as many moms and moms to be asked me how I manage both my profession as well as my kid :):)

Happy parenting 🙂

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Sangeetha loves balancing her personal and professional life. These days, the major chunk of her time is spent on listening to 'how to beat the Piggy from robloks'; thanks to her 8 year old daughter.


  1. Sangeetha Ur daily routine was wonderful n really inspiring for new moms who worry how to manage both kid n work…

  2. What I find amazing about this is that you are still breastfeeding though you are working. That takes a lot of resolve, well done!

    Where do you live btw because in india the concept of day cares is not that common.

    • Aloka,

      I live in Mumbai , oh yeah Goregaon to be precise , thank you for my breast feeding marathon compliment, my baby has made sure that I ought to marvel in this category you know.. Hahaha…

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