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Its said bringing up a child is not easy, it has its own difficulties and troubles. What if your life hits a roadblock throwing troubles in your path along with that? I am sure every parent would shudder and life would shatter! We would crib and curse the destiny or even lose control of our life meeting a dead end.

Unexpected loss of loved ones, developmental problems in children, job loss or any other problems can tax a heavy load for any parent in this economic era.

The above video narrates such a story where in a father Atul brings up his autistic son Ashutosh. Atul has a decent job and tries everything for his son to have a normal life like any other children in spite being a widower.

khudkokarbuland Birla sun life insurance

Atul becomes the main strength for his son and takes care of him in the best way he can. He even enrols his son for a developmental course with a higher fee. It was then the fate or destiny struck him like a thunder the second time.

Atul loses his job which was his main source of income. Any other parent at this point of time might give up in his life. But this father doesn’t.

Instead of being discouraged, this father determines to face his life by proper planning to have a secured life for his son. He starts his own company in his son’s name.

khudkokarbuland birla sun life insurance

What this story can teach us is the preparedness we need to have for a secured and safe future when life throws tantrums at you.

Khud Ko Kar Buland Campaign by Birla Sun Life Insurance:

khudkokarbuland birla sun life insurance Birla Sun Life insurance assures that we have the power to control our destiny or fate. It depicts the importance of security and planning in your life to protect your dreams and those of your loved ones. The campaign is aptly termed ‘KhudKoKarBuland’ meaning ‘make yourself strong’ and calls for people to go forth fearlessly in life no matter what.

If you are a parent and wants to secure your loved one’s future think from now. Act now!

We are not sure what tomorrow has in store for us. As the slogan of Birla Sun Life  Insurance goes ‘Lets make ourselves strong’ enough to prepare for the worst in our life with secured and safe planning. Plan and secure to ensure your loved one’s smile and happiness forever!

You can do your part today by following ‘KhudKoKarBuland‘ campaign by tweeting with hash tag #KhudKoKarBuland and by sharing the above video.

Smile and let everyone know that TODAY, you’re a lot stronger than you were yesterday

Have a secured and safe life!


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