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Right to information is the basic right for every human being. Information in today’s world is synonymous with internet.

What is that one doesn’t find on the internet? Whether it is social media, train timetable, where to dine, who is who and where to go; all such information is available with the help of this World Wide Web. I can’t recollect a single day where I haven’t logged in to my emails, my social media accounts or Wikipedia. Even news is now available at a click. And in the age of smart phones, we don’t even need a computer to access this information.

How this access to information has made our lives easier? Do you stand in long queues to pay your bills anymore? Do you still need to call the railway helpline to find about the train arrival or departure times? Or for that matter isn’t one more socially active these days just because people are also available at a click?

Internet has become such an integral part of our lives that we feel handicapped without it.

Today only a part of our society has access to the internet. Imagine if this access was free for everyone.

Don’t you think the country folks will be more knowledgeable? Lack of information is the main source of chaos and problems everywhere. If this information is made free to people then there will definitely be better coordination and planning. Organized citizens form the basis of an empowered country.

Making internet available to the masses is definitely going to empower the country and help in the growth and development in all areas.

With the same thought process, Reliance has come up with a Freenet connection. Like their tagline goes ‘if sun is free, if the air is free then why shouldn’t the internet be free?’

reliance freenet

Reliance communication in association with Facebook has introduced which will enable people with reliance connection to access popular websites for free.

What is

Reliance and Facebook India have jointly launched a website called It offers free services or websites to reliance customers FREE of charge.

This service is currently available in 6 circles namely Gujarat, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu/Chennai for Reliance customers on prepaid, postpaid GSM and prepaid CDMA only.

How to access these services?

You can download the android app or use the website to access these free sites.

Free services include the following:

  • Free News on sites like Times of India, NDTV and Aaj Tak
  • Cricket updates on Cricinfo, Job search
  • Weather updates
  • Train and flight schedules
  • Dictionary service
  • Language Translator
  • Health related Information
  • Daily horoscope and astrology
  • OLX
  • Wikipedia
  • Facebook and many more

Isn’t this a great initiative?

Though almost everyone can benefit from this opportunity, students can make most use of it to stay connected and learn from the internet.

This app takes care of everything from entertainment to daily necessities. This initiative is truly going to help empower the country by creating educated and socially aware citizens. by Reliance communications in association with Facebook is definitely going to create a bright future for us. You can read more about this initiative in Facebook and Twitter too.

The world is literally at our finger tips now, for FREE!


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