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When you look around you can see that this entire world is a mixture of colors, emotions, sounds and sizes giving out entirely different degrees of vibes to the person who sees it or feels it.

What we see in front of us may be the ultimate truth or the lie that has circled half way around the world while the truth was struggling to put on the shoes.

We know this fact but still we believe in the age-old proverb – “Seeing is believing”.

What I see with my bare eyes can impact my mindset more than anything and again the perspective from which I see things can affect my mindset.

So from today onwards I tune myself to see the best in everything around me. From today onwards I want to be the change to see a tomorrow that I wish to see.

 3 changes I want to see in this world:

#1. A better next generation through good parenting

To be the change, to see a better tomorrow, as a parenting blogger I would like to see a physically and healthy next generation. I like to spread and share my bit of knowledge in a better way to help parents to make the parenting-phase a beautiful one.

Less frustrated and less stressed out parenting means healthy kids both mentally and physically. So to see a better next generation, I will do my best as a parenting blogger.

#2. Bring back the lost innocence

What is more beautiful to see than the innocent smile of your baby? Nothing can beat the purity and innocence that kids have. We too were kids and we too had that innocence in us. But as we grew up we lost it or to say in better words we let it go to thrive in this competitive world.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all had that innocence in us just like our babies? So to see a better world, from today I will see the world through my daughter’s eyes. From her perspective I am sure the world will be a better place – a world without ego, greed, prejudice and unwanted complexes.

I want to bring back the child in me, see the world through an innocent mind and find my inner peace.

#3. See a greener world

 What can you see through your window?

Most us would be having a view of the busy streets, buzzing traffic, concrete building standing high and tall, electric wires and phone cables running hay way or the neighbor’s house that totally blocks your view.

How beautiful it would be if you could see a tree or a green field or a garden through your window? This is the third change that I want to see in this world.

A lush green tree or a beautiful bush, a small kitchen garden or a few plant pots kept near the window or balcony- that is enough to help you see a little greenery when you open your window.

If everyone takes the effort to see a little green through their own windows, we would save lots of plants, trees and thus the mother earth. We can see a greener world and a greener tomorrow.

These are the three changes that I wish to see in this world. My wish may be left behind as just a wish or it may come true one day.

Dare2stare challenge:

dare2stare challenge

Have you noticed how many times I have used the word “see” in the above paragraphs?

How I wish to “see” the world? –  That is what I am penning down about and so I would naturally use the word “see” because I can see!!!

But have you ever thought about those millions of kids and adults who can’t see the world the way you see it, just because they are blind?

They will definitely have their own way of understanding the world, but still they miss the vibrant colors around them, they will miss the smile of their child and will not get a chance to see the proud face of their parents or even know how they look. And a majority of them struggle with even the simplest of the mundane tasks just because they lack eyesight.

Can we bring some light in the blind people’s world? Can we help them experience the world the way we experience it? Can we help them live an easier and better life as we do?

The answer is YES.

See the video by Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital as a part of their Dare2Stare campaign.

The video challenges you to play the “who blinks first” game and this time you will for sure lose miserably in this game when you know the disturbing truth that your opponent is a blind person.

The video gives out a very important message of spreading awareness regarding eye donations.

More than 2.5 lakh blind people could see light in their life by doing corneal transplants from donated eyes. The eyes that a person donates can wipe out darkness from the life of at least two people.

So why wait when you have the power to change someone’s life in a good way.

Pledge to donate your eyes.

Visit dare2stare website and register as a donor.

Turn on the light in someone’s life before you leave into the darkness forever.

Take the dare2stare challenge and dare2share the awareness about eye donation.

I have taken the challenge, have YOU?


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