Why Every House Needs an Air Purifier?


Do you frequently rush to the hospitals with a wheezing kid?

Is dust allergy a common problem in your house?

We do always take care not to come in contact with contaminated water and food to avoid falling sick. But what about the air? Can we control the quality of the air we breathe?

air purifier

Human body is not equipped to breath in only the fresh air and discard the impure air. We breathe in the air that surrounds us-fresh or contaminated. So is it not important to make sure that the air we breathe in is also pure and pollution free? But how?

Here comes the role of an Air Purifier.

Why household with kids should have an air purifier?

Most of us think that outdoor air is more polluted. But the fact is air inside our house is five times more polluted than outdoors!!

The pollutants and allergens in air is one major cause of wheezing in kids. Other than allergens in air, the foul smell in the air can also cause health issues like headache, sleeplessness, vomiting tendency etc.

The microscopic germs, pollens, dander and even tobacco smoke (if you have a smoking member at home) can be the reason why your kid misses school frequently.

Even if you keep your house clean by moping and cleaning regularly this air borne diseases can catch your kids pretty easy. One cannot always keep all the windows and doors shut to keep these diseases at bay.

Installing an air purifier at home is the best solution to all the above issues. Air filters for home, by filtering the air, reduces the risk of many common air borne diseases. Also it can filter the foul smell that lingers in the air and leave your house smelling fresh and healthy.

Evidences show that kids who frequently fall sick due to dust allergy and wheezing benefit from air purifiers. Installing one at your home can greatly improve the health of your kids. Healthy happy kids grow into successful adults.

The health of your kid – Do you need a more solid reason for investing in air purifiers for home?

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