5 Effective Tips to Encourage Goody Goody Behavior



All parents want their kids to be good, while being friendly and positive parts of their lives. Here are some tips to encourage good behavior without seeming like ‘monstrous’ parents.

#1. No nagging

If they have made a mistake, tell them once. Do not keep bringing it up every time; it will only lead them to think that nothing is good enough for you. Instead, they’ll learn to value being told-off the very first time, and strive to do better.

#2. Communicate effectively

By communicating, I don’t just mean talking to them. Tell your kids what you want without shouting, and listen to them about their needs. Encourage conversations so your kids know you’re someone they can talk to freely.


#3. Teach them the power of positive reinforcement

You don’t need to pay your kid for good behaviour, but encourage good behaviour with small treats like an extended bedtime, their favourite dish for dinner, or extra time to watch their favourite cartoon shows. Here’s a video that captures this quite beautifully

#4. Empower them by giving them importance

Treating your child like a little adult will also make them feel important. You can do this by asking them to help you out with small chores, asking them for their opinion while making small decisions. Eg: Choosing the dinner menu, asking them to choose the clothes they want to wear etc.

#5 Teach them to be responsible and also teach them about consequences

This is an important point. Give children small responsibilities according to their age. Also tell them what will happen if they don’t do it. I don’t mean threatening them with consequences. They should realize that if they do not do certain things, what the consequences will be. For example; if they wait till the last minute to tell you about a science project that is due, do not go out of the way to do it for them. This will give them the wrong lesson. Instead, remind them that they need to face the consequences of not working on time, which means a punishment from school teachers, or less marks.


At the end of the day, remember that kids copy adults. They watch you more than you realize, and will pick up your habits. By trying to avoid nagging or yelling and using positive reinforcement, your kids will learn to expect good consequences with good behaviour.

Always remember, positive reinforcement shouldn’t be money or new toys, but privileges and treats. Let your child make choices related to the dinner menu if they helped you cook, or let them watch more of their favourite cartoons after finishing their homework early.

Yes, for all you know, that’s all it will take for them to be a good kid, like what you saw in the video.

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Hope these tips will help to encourage goody goody behavior in your kids. After all well-mannered kids mean happy parents!


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