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Diwali vacation has just started in India and every kid at home has this one line – ‘I am bored, what can I do?’.

My kid is no different!

Vacation has just begun – but trust me when I say, right from the month of September, I had been thinking of the ways by which I could engage her during the Diwali vacations.

Fortunately, I am here to share something which I found extremely beneficial and engaging for my kid. Today I am here with the review of the Jungle Magic Garden Sciencz kit by Piramal Healthcare.

garden sciencz

Company claims:

Explore the magical world of Botany Garden Sciencz  with Jungle Mag!c. The kit was developed keeping in mind Indian geography, soil, climate and vegetation diversity, fostering children’s inquisitiveness and interests by providing them with tools and open-ended learning experiences.

Garden Sciencz kit ensures the ‘STEP UP’ your child in these areas – ‘Social , Thinking, Emotional and Physical’.

Our illustrated manual will take you step by step through the process of becoming a budding botanist and you will soon be growing a green thumb in your own kitchen or outside garden in no time.

First Impressions:

Loved the packaging and the content inside which made my daughter go – ‘let’s do this activity, right now!’ – that’s the first impression my daughter had.

I was quite excited too seeing this innovative concept. What other than this could be a perfect gift for my daughter!

Appearance and package:

The Jungle Mag!c garden Sciencz Garden kit comes in a green colored card box with images for illustration. Inside there is a green gardening tray which has the seed packs, small measuring cup, small pots, dropper for water, wooden spatulas, soil pellets, yarn, mono box and instruction booklet.

Suitable for: Age 7 years and above

Price: Rs. 650/-

How to use the garden sciencz kit?

The kit has a gardening tray with the map of India engraved and other 2 large slots. The child can now sow seeds as per the instruction given in the booklet and grow it with adequate amount of water and soil.

Apart from sowing seeds and growing plants, there are 20 exciting experiments that your child can do with the help of this mini gardening kit.

The illustration manual has 2 mascots, Tomatina – the garden tomato and Sunshine – the sunflower to give a through walkthrough of the entire experiments with the kit.

If the child is less than 7 years old, parental monitoring and help is advised.

My experience with Garden Sciencz kit:

My daughter has been using Garden Sciencz kit for the past 2 days and I am excited to share with you the experience.

Being a mother who keeps on thinking of how to occupy her kid in meaningful ways, Garden Sciencz is a boon for me in every way.

The material of this kit is quite durable with no sharp edges. For me this is one of the thumps up features with respect to the kit. Secondly the child is introduced to the whole new experience of planting, sowing, watering a plant etc.

Apart from sowing the seeds and watching it grow in the gardening tray, there are 20 more experiments the child could do with this kit.

For example – capillaries transport liquid in plants.

Such a concept is so much simplified with this experiment. A child understands the whole concept easily as he/she is doing the experiment and learning from it.

A child can learn:

  • Basics of Botany science
  • Experience of growing seeds into sapling
  • Knowing about crops and the states they grow
  • Greenhouse effect
  • Facts and features of the various soil types of India

Must say this kit deserves a huge applause in imparting the visual experience of learning!

The gardening tray and all the contents are reusable – so all the experiments can be carried out with the same contents of the kit.

My daughter loved the whole experience of sowing seeds in the soil and watering it, something she had never experienced before. Her passion and the curiosity for gardening were clearly visible from her actions. Every morning, she would wake up with the questions like ‘Did the flower bloom? Is the sapling up?’ followed by morning supervisions of the mini garden herself.

Being a reserved girl, her endless questions on which seed, what flower, how much to water and so on surprised me. I am sure you would be surprised too seeing the enthusiasm of your kid towards the garden sciencz kit.


  • Compact gardening kit for kids
  • Perfect for the all-round development of kids
  • Child friendly material and illustration kit
  • Reusable contents and kit
  • Perfect gift for kids of 5 years and above
  • Quite economical
  • Light weight
  • Easily portable

CONS: Can’t think of any.

Would I recommend Garden Sciencz kit to you?

Definitely yes! I can say this is one of the perfect gift worth gifting to your child or any child on any occasions.

If you are looking for meaningful activity kit which also contributes to the all-round growth of your kid, this is a must buy.

My rating: 5 out of 5


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