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A good guide, a role model, caring hands, an understanding heart and a reliable support – that’s what a good dad is all about.

I can, with no doubt and great pride, say that I do have a very good dad. His opinion, views, wise words and deeds means a lot to me and has helped me to be what I am now.

He never used to impose any of his views or opinions on us. Whenever I was in dilemma, he would give his opinions and then say that the decision is all mine and that he will be there to support me no matter what my final decision was.

It is natural that an already confused me would get really annoyed at his reply, as he would only give his opinions and I never used to get a clear-cut answer from him.

Once I asked my father why he always gave me choices or opinions and never helped me by saying what decision he would have taken if he were in my shoes.

To this he replied that he believes that as a father his sole duty is to prepare me to face the life with confidence and to instill in me the wisdom to make correct decisions in life. He said that by giving me the opportunity to make my own decisions he is securing my future.

He added with confidence that I can fearlessly follow my heart and he has done everything possible to make sure that he would be there for me till his end and beyond.

Ahh … a then very young me never understood him and at that time it was very difficult for me to relate to what he was talking about.

Now when I hold my own child’s little hands I can clearly understand how foreseeing my father is.

“To allow your children to fearlessly follow their hearts and to be there by their side anytime and every time as a strong reliable support system” – Yes, now as a parent I can relate to what he meant by saying that.

He has actually with his deeds prepared us to face life even in his absence and his confidence came from the financial planning that he had already taken to secure our future.

I really owe to my father for giving me this insight.

I can proudly say that he is not only a good dad, but also a wise dad – a great dad 🙂

Are you a great dad? Have you taken the right steps to secure your child’s future even in your absence?

Are you prepared financially? Can you confidently say that you can provide the much-needed financial support for your family at a very crucial time?

SBI Life Insurance is here to help YOU.

SBI Life Insurance plans can help you to be a GREAT DAD by helping you secure your child’s future.


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