Easy Ways To Take Care of Your Skin Post Baby


amazing ways to take care of your skin post babySkin care post baby ? How can I take care of my skin post delivery ? Skin care after pregnancy ? You know when motherhood steps in all other things take a backseat. Beauty or grooming never comes into picture even if the new mom wants to. ‘ Why should I take care of myself , after all am a mom now ‘ mindset also step in. I was and am not different from any other new mom. Trust me when I say even now I go like a zombie to office ! The ignorance and laziness can be blamed 🙁 .

But there is always one thing for sure. If you have to take care of yourself , only you can. Not anyone else , not even your husband. He would have been asking to take care of yourself, but yes you have to take charge ; to take care of yourself isn’t ?

‘Sangeetha I wish to take care and look good, but there is no time !! ‘. Is that what you are thinking ? Dont worry I am here to help you with the amazing and easy ways to take care of your skin post baby.


  • FACE 


Oh yes do you get time to do that ? There were some days where I didn’t get time even to wash my face, I am sure there will be moms like me . The first thing in the morning once you wake up is to use a mild face wash.

The dead skin accumulated on the facial skin at night can be removed by this. Wash your neck too.


Ok whats this CTM ? Simple its cleanser , toner and moisturizer. This has to be followed twice in your daily life ; Once in the morning and another before bed time .

Cleansing cleans the skin , toner tightens the skin pores and moisturizer hydrates and makes the skin supple.

There are many brands available in the market , so choose the ones according to your skin type.

If you wish to go for natural ways ,

Cleanser – Take 2 tbsp. milk in a bowl preferably raw milk . Dip a cotton ball and wipe gently on your face and neck in the upward direction. This helps to ensure the skin is free of dirt , grease and germs.

Toner – Take a green tea bag and steep it in a cup of boiled water . Dip cotton ball in this and wipe your face and neck. This helps to tighten the pores. Rose water , aloevera , coconut water, tomato juice all are good toners.

Moisturiser – Aloevera gel , honey , milk cream are all good moisturizer helping to make the skin supple and soft


Yes the grease , oil and dirt from your hair , the dead skin from your body and skin would be in the bed cover and pillow cover which will damage your skin .


Go for exfoliating scrubs once a week. Do it just before your bath or during your bath so that you don’t waste any other time.

Natural scrubbing agents are green moong dal powder / cheru payar podi and besan/kadalamaavu


Invest in a sunscreen and use it everyday twice

  • EYES

Looking like panda due to inadequate sleep ? No worries. Before sleeping , dab few drops of almond oil and apply it around the eyes. It helps to make the dark circles disappear, lightens the lines and cools the eyes.

You can also invest in good under eye creams available in the market too.

  • LIPS

1. Mix sugar and olive oil or a lip balm and scrub it over the lips. This helps to remove the dead skin cells. Now apply lim balm to hydrate the lips.

2. You can also use your toothbrush on your lips

3. Drink lemon water everyday , helps to lighten the lip color and keeps it supple too.

  • FEET

1. CTM your feet too. Yes the same CTM regimen can be used for your feet too 🙂

2. Apply olive oil on your feet and let it get absorbed . Your feet will be smooth and supple and clearing off the cracks with continuous usage 🙂


1. CTM regimen for hands too 🙂

2. Apply the lemon rind on your elbows to get rid of dark and dead skin. Apply olive oil on your hands before bath .

  • NECK

Almond oil before bath clears off the fine and dark lines with continuous usage 🙂

Hope you liked this post . How do you take care of your skin post baby. Pls let us know.


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