Beat Procrastination with ‘Do It Later’ by Asus ZenFone 5


You might have already read about the features of ASUS Zenfone 5 that I am loving. Today I will write about a brilliant feature/ app of ASUS / ASUS Zenfone 5 that helps me immensely in prioritizing and organizing my day to day activities.

Being a work from home mom and a full time parenting blogger, there can be ‘n’ number of things you have to take care of. Paying monthly bills, grocery shopping, taking care of daughter, attending meetings, client calls, calls from family, husband, trips to bank and in between running a blog that publishes daily, you can imagine how hectic a day of my life is.

I am a book and paper girl in terms of to do lists and taking notes. But there is a major disadvantage in physical pen and paper mode; there is no reminder that forces us to complete the noted tasks for the day / week.

Often I seek the help of my friend ‘procrastination’ knowing that the task I have to do then can’t be delayed. It has happened many times that the tomorrows for many things haven’t come yet.

Let me tell you an app ‘ Do it later’ that is helping me cut down on  my procrastination these days. Its an app by ASUS Zenfone 5  combining the elements of  SMS, call, email and clock.

asus zenfone 5

You can add the individual tasks to do for the day/week/ months with reminder and timing set.

As you can see in the photo, I have added 1 task named blog post on Asus under the section personal. I have added the due date with time and reminders set. Once it is entered, it appears in the to do tasks layout like shown in the photo.

asus zenfone 5 asus zenfone 5

Like wise I have added 2 more tasks named gym fees and research articles for post on paneer with the deadline and the reminders. Once the reminder date and time is reached, an alarm rings until you tick of the task completed/ snooze it for another date and timing.

You can see the pending tasks indicated in red.

asus zenfone 5

asus zenfone 5

Once the task is completed you can tap on the tick mark indicating completed. The completed task would be then deleted from the dashboard as shown below.

asus zenfone 5 asus zenfone 56

If you want to edit the tasks you can do so with the options given, once the editing is done, you can set the to do lists again.

Similarly you have the option to read your emails later, receive calls or call back later and even read a book later if you wish to do so all with this ‘Do it later’ feature

Isn’t this app just great?

Share with me in comments, how do you prioritize your tasks in day to day life.


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