Top 5 Things to Consider While Choosing Diapers for the Baby


What are the things to be considered while choosing diapers for baby?

Should you go for high end brands?

Would a diaper brand suggested by a fellow mom suit your kid?

The moment a woman realizes she is a mom to be, she becomes extra careful about the minute details of her unborn baby and herself.  She understands the fact that everything that touches her newborn has to be perfect.

Even while it comes to choose the right diaper for our baby we should pay attention to a few facts.

5 Important things to consider while choosing diapers for your baby:

As new moms, we often feel confused from the plethora of diapering options available in the market.

Read this post until the end to find out what are the few things that you should keep in mind while choosing a diaper for your baby.

#1. Size of diaper suitable to baby’s age and weight

While getting a diaper for your baby the size of the diaper matters the most as it will give the right comfort. It is the first thing to consider while choosing the best kind of diaper.

Every growth age decides the right size of the diapers for your baby. The bigger size of the diaper comes as the baby grows older.  You should choose a diaper that is thin like Pampers Next Generation Pants, making it easy for your baby to enjoy both sleep and play time minus all the bulk.

#2. Material of the diaper- Softness and breathability

As baby skin is very delicate and sensitive, material of the diapers used for babies matter a lot. Their sensitive skin would respond to the material of the diaper immediately.

Always look for rashes, redness, itchiness or allergic reaction after your baby is diapered.

Rashes are caused due to the pH of the skin increasing due to wetness, dampness caused by urine in a wet diaper. This can be avoided with a diaper that evenly distributes liquid so it can be locked away for hours from the surface. So quick and good absorption is of utmost importance.

With the Pampers Next Generation Diaper, the pee is distributed evenly, meaning that there is no dampness that leads rashes, the diaper also has an inbuilt moisturizing lotion which neutralizes the pH of the skin and prevents those uncomfortable rashes. As a mom, when you change your baby’s diaper, you will find the top layer is dry ensuring your baby is not uncomfortable because of dampness. Plus a diaper has to be of breathable material to avoid rashes.

#3. Unique diapering requirement of each baby

Presently, the market is filled with numerous brands of diapers for babies.

Would a brand suggested by another mom fit your baby’s diapering requirements? Not necessarily. Make sure you choose the diaper as per your baby’s age, weight, activity and comfort levels. Each baby is unique and so are their diapering requirements.

#4. Quicker absorption capability

Many a times, the baby gets up frequently at night due to wetness in the diaper. The wetness often makes the baby cold causing discomfort and irritation.

While choosing diapers, the good and quicker absorption feature should be considered. This ensures the diaper is dry throughout, ensuring sound sleeping times for babies. I recommend a diaper that gives up to 12 hours dryness to your baby. Use a diaper that has good absorption, like pampers gives 10 times faster absorption so liquid is less in contact with skin. This is hygienic as well.

Babies grow and develop during sleep, hence diapers with good and even absorption should be chosen. This in turn helps in the overall development and growth of the baby.

#5. Non leakage and non-saggy diaper times

Many a times we can see baby pulling down diapers due to the sagginess. Sagginess and heaviness in diapers are caused by the accumulation of urine at a single area instead of even distribution. This causes a lot of discomfort in babies.

The 3x channel technology of Next gen Pampers Premium Care Pants is quite innovative in this aspect. Made up of high quality superabsorbent material, it is light weight and thin compared to the other diapers. The new pampers neutralizes the pH level of the skin with its moisturizing lotion feature.

The 3 funnel technology present in both the ranges of Pampers – Premium care and Baby dry enables the even distribution of urine there by preventing sagginess. Hence no more saggy, heavy diaper times for babies.

Must say – hats off to the new range of diapers from Pampers that has come up that gives your baby that added comfort.

Have any of you already tried it for your baby?

Is there any other point you consider while choosing diapers for your baby?

If yes please let me know in comments.


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