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Today I bring to you the review of Curiositi activity box for kids.

When we were kids, books were the only educational aid available to most of us. But with changing times, there are so many ways to support the learning process. Teaching now is not as it used to be. We as parents want our kids to learn through exploration and by doing things on their own.

The Curiositi activity box for kids does exactly the same for us. It allows kids to learn, discover and build ideas through fun activities which helps in turn to give a strong foundation.

Curiositi offers activity boxes that has syllabus-mapped activities and DIYs in it. This provides kids a fun way to learn through different activities.

Inside the Curiositi activity box:

curiositi activity box

Each curiositi box has three activities. Two of them are based on what the kid may be learning / might have learnt as part of their school curriculum. The third activity is a fun activity.

The box that I received is for grade 1 and had the following activity kits:

  • Standosaurus

curiositi activity box review

The activity included dinosaur pop outs, wooden board, main stand template, dino baseboard and holder template.

The activity lasted for almost 45 minutes. We made a stationary stand with dinosaurs theme with this activity.

My son who is not too fond of dinos started to explore the species and we still talk about them sometimes. His curiosity for dinos and other big animals has gone up after this activity.

  • Food from plants

curiositi activity box review

The activity included element board, base board and pop-up sheets.

It is a concept building exercise on how plants help us. As part of this activity, I had a very good talk with my son on the products that we get from plants and the whole process from seed to products.

It took us almost 1 hour to finish the activity and we both had good time.

One tip to fellow parents, do not try to finish the activity in a go, instead engage in talks with your child on the concept. If you just try to do the activity, it can be finished in a few minutes but then the whole concept is defeated.

  • Food and shelter for animals

I am yet to do this activity and have not opened the activity folder yet. Trying to retain the curiosity quotient.

Company claims and how to order the kit :

Curiositi offers the world’s first syllabus-mapped activity box. Each box has exciting activities that integrate with topics your child is currently studying at school.

One can go to the Curiositi official website and select your child’s class/standard and then signing up for a subscription. Once the orders are taken, you get monthly activity box for kids delivered at your door step.

Appearance and my feedback:

The box looks very promising and all the items are made of good quality base material.

I liked the concept. The activities are really interesting and spark off an innovative and informative conversation with kids.

The products that the kids make as part of activities are very informative, useful and let me say attractive too. My son showed his stationary box to his entire friend 🙂

My daughter who is just 2 year old also enjoyed watching us do the activities. She was happy with the bright colors and attractive cutouts.

The best thing I loved with the kit was that we as parents are also involved in the whole process. My son did all the activities with our help. I also downloaded the ‘Companion App’ and took the help whenever needed.

Other than the provided items, we used only scissors to cut the adhesive tapes. Pop outs (for Dinosaur activity) were really nice and I liked the concept of the stationary stand as at the end of the activity kids get something usable.

The Curiositi team has put in a lot of effort and research to make these unique thought provoking activity boxes and it definitely shows.

Good aspects:

  • Helps to build concepts in a unique way
  • Good activity based family time
  • Learning through building
  • Helps to build strong cognitive skills (like understanding, shape recognition, memory and problem solving)
  • Fab way to reduce the TV/ Internet Time over weekends
  • The end products can be taken to school too as a demo
  • Online help available through the instructional videos available on the website and companion app (Android App Available on Google Play and Apple App on the Apple Store)

Improvement areas:

  • Pricing is a bit on higher side
  • May not be attractive for people who don’t like cardboard-based items (like stationary stand, project work using paper). Also, one may not be able to use the activity items/ items created for anything else other than decoration!
  • Available only for kids from grade 1 to 8

My rating for the product: 4/5

Will I recommend this?

Yes. The product fuels curiosity in kids and keeps the interest level high. Also it aids in learning without pressure.

You can follow and subscribe to the Curiositi activity boxes from their FacebookTwitter  and Pinterest too.


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    Good Article.. I wish there was some thing for preschool babies also. My baby is 11 month old. We are reading various books, flash cards, crazy card together.

    • Thanks for the feedback Sunita . I also keep searching for some activity box for my daughter .

      Books ,Flash Cards etc are best products for preschoolers & I am also using the same . Please do continue ; It helps to build a good vocabulary & speaking skills.

      Neha C

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