Why Buddsbuddy Hand Sanitizer is my Daughter’s Best Buddy this Winter?


With the onset of winter, most of us are down with cold, cough and flu. Hygiene plays an important role in preventing the spread of germs in this season.

At home, we can definitely take care of the hygiene part by making sure our kids wash their hands as and when required.

But how about the times when they have limited access to water and soap?

How can we rely on the purity of water available when they are out on picnics and school tours?

I agree with you completely – those are the times when hand sanitizer comes to rescue.

Today I am sharing with you, my experience of using BuddsBuddy hand sanitizer. From the moment my daughter was under the weather, I made sure that I send it along with wet wipes to her school.

buddsbuddy hand sanitizer

Company Claims:

Made using FDA approved technologies, BuddsBuddy Hand Sanitizers are 100% kids friendly. It kills 99.9% gems without water and soap. This sanitizer contains moisturizer to protect hands from drying, which many other brands don’t have. These sanitizers are very convenient and leak proof, so you can carry them anywhere.

Appearance and Packaging:

buddsbuddy hand sanitizer

The Buddsbuddy hand sanitizer I have is of the fragrance strawberry. It comes in a 100 ml plastic bottle with a nozzle cap.

The color of the hand sanitizer looks pink from outside but when you take the lotion in hand it’s colorless. There are small pink balls of triclosan inside the sanitizer.

The smell of the hand sanitizer reminds me of freshly crushed strawberries.

My experience with the Buddsbuddy Hand Sanitizer

Anshika has been using the Buddsbuddy hand sanitizer from the time she was down with cold and cough.  There were a lot of school trips, day tours and trips for her – so I made sure I sent this along with her wet wipes and handkerchief.

She loves this sanitizer mainly because it’s in her favorite color – pink and her favorite fragrance – strawberry.

I noticed that it doesn’t dry the hands unlike most of the hand sanitizers – thanks to the moisturizer added. She can carry in her school bag as its leak proof and travel friendly.


  • FDA approved and kid friendly
  • Doesn’t dry out the hands
  • Mild and safe fragrance
  • Available in 4 fragrances to choose from – orange blossom, strawberry, lavender and mixed fruit
  • Leak proof and travel friendly apt for kids
  • Quite economical
  • Handy bottle
  • Available in bottles of 3 sizes


Can’t think of any.


85 rupees for 100 ml.

Will I recommend this product?


If your kid is down with cold, cough, flu, has picnic, school trips or outings, make sure you send the Buddsbuddy hand sanitizer along. This saves you from the worry of germs and diseases.

My rating?

5 out of 5

Where to buy from?

Buddsbuddy hand sanitizer is available in Amazon, Flipkart, Firstcry and other online stores.


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