10 Stress Management Techniques for Moms


Today I bring to you the 10 stress management techniques for moms. This post is really close to my heart because even I get stressed out very easily and am just writing my heart out. It is a compilation of what I have learnt from various people around me and also includes the guidance I got from my yoga teachers.

stress management techniques

According to a survey by Economic Times,

An overwhelming 87% of Indian women said they felt stressed most of the time, and 82% had no time to relax

This may be a sample study but says a lot about our everyday life.

We as mother, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law and as an employee juggle with so many roles. Let us try to understand what causes stress and what we can do to reduce the stress levels in our lives to bring more joy, health and happiness.

How to beat stress – 10 stress management tips for moms:

As per the definition – Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.

Our lives are so busy and so challenging now. Daily chaos with kids, job, family, maid, the GO-GO life can really eat up all your physical and mental energy reserves. Most of the times we try to achieve or want to get more than what we can manage. This state creates an emotional n physical strain resulting in stress and in long run depression.

One cannot totally eliminate stress but can definitely try to reduce it.

Now let us see what we can do to reduce stress. Presenting to you some low-cost solutions for stress management.

1. Get enough sleep:

Try to be consistent with your sleep schedules.

2. Exercise:

Do try to take out some time (start with 5 minutes ) for yourself. It could be anything – yoga, walking, gymming or even dancing.

3. Have well balanced and nutritious meals:

We as moms want to give healthiest food to our little ones but often neglect ourselves when it comes to nutrition. Do spend some time to ensure that you eat to maintain and enhance your physical reserves.

4. Smile-asana:

This is the easiest and most effective yoga pose. It is proven to reduce stress hormones in the body.

5. Share your feelings with friends and family:

Talk to your near and dear ones about joys and sorrows. Try to have at least two people with whom you can open your heart and do invest in those relationships.

6. Pursue realistic goals:

Know your weaknesses and strengths. Chalk out a list of needs and wants based on your capabilities.

7. Do expect failures and sorrows:

I think this is self explanatory 🙂

8. Develop a hobby and have ‘Me’ time:

Try to something that relaxes you – it could be a hobby or interest. Do it on a daily basis and you will see the difference.

9. Plan things well and make a schedule:

Create a sequence for the daily chores with priorities. This should include what is needed to be done.

One should focus their energies on the needs first. This step will ensure to have prioritized set of action items and will make you in control of things.

10. Delegate:

Do not try to do everything by yourself. Try to delegate things to family including kids.

Wish you luck in being a happy and satisfied MOM ( though not perfect) 🙂 Share with me in comments the stress management techniques you have inculcated in your life.


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Neha is a Management graduate and a professional working in a reputed IT firm. She is a mother of a five year old son and 2 years old daughter. She believes in giving family a priority over work and has a passion for writing & cooking. She strongly believes that a rich diet is essential for growing kids and believes that innovation in kitchen is necessary to keep kids away from the junk food .


  1. I think learning to say “no” is one of the most important things we moms must learn to do. Whether it is that extra activity our children want to add to the overcrowded schedule, saying no to the room mom request that we don’t have the time to legitimately commit to, or saying no to unrealistic expectations of you. 🙂

    Excellent article!

    • Hello Becky,

      Totally agree to you. I feel we should revise the article to add this as Step #1 .

      Appreciate your feedback .

      Thanks & Happy Parenting to you .

  2. Well said, Neha. I think the most stressed out people are the “Moms”, who have cranky kids to handle, a relationship to balance and keep themselves sane. Planning properly and managing stuff around is extremely essential, as you mentioned.

    Good one!

  3. Nice one neha…the quotes r good..if possible pls write post on time management with handling two kids and job

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