What’s in My Diaper Bag? – Diaper Bag Essentials


diaper bag essentialsWhat’s in my diaper bag ? This post is about the diaper bag essentials and must haves .

Post baby I guess diaper bag replaces our hand bag :P. In my case , its like I can’t go out without the diaper bag if I take Anshika with me. Somehow the diaper bag helps me alot – to put her shoes, socks she has thrown out , to take her wipes, to take sanitiser ..the list can go on and on. In short all my must have essentials are now packed in the diaper bag too.

As of now , lets see the must haves in a diaper bag one by one.

1. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are an important item in your diaper bag. Can be used for nappy time , cleaning baby’s face , neck and sanitizing hands and legs. A packet of wipes is a must.

2. Diapers

The number of diapers taken in the diaper bag should be  2: 1 , like 2 diapers for 1 hour. Comes really handy when you travel long distances.

3. Disposable Dispenser for Diapers

While travelling the soiled diapers / wipes have to be wrapped in a disposable dispenser diaper bag. You can also opt for plastic covers.

4. Milk / Water/ Feeding and Storage Bottle

A bottle of milk and water is a must . You can also opt for a thermos flask where in the warm water can be used to make cerelac or any other instant baby food.

5. Glass/ Sippy Cup – A must have if your baby is 8m+. Sippy cup makes the bottle to cup transition easier.

6. Eatables taken in travel set bowls – Leakproof and sturdy travel time bowl sets are required in a diaper bag. You can opt in for fruits , snacks, cereals , avocado, or any food item you like to provide to your baby.

7. First aid kit

A small first aid kit having the basics like calpol syrup, bandaids, cough/ cold meds etc should be kept in the diaper bag

8. Pyjamas / Night Suits

It is ideal to pack night suits / pyjamas / other dress for your baby. Comes handy especially post feeding

9. Shoes and Socks – A must have while travelling.

10. Hand Sanitizer- If you don’t have a washroom facility this comes handy. Opt in for hand sanitizers always .

11. Baby lotions , creams – Keep a leakproof baby lotion/ cream tube handy .

12. Changing Mat – A must have item in your diaper bag.

13. Diaper Rash Cream – Must have post every diaper change

14. Bib – Mealtimes could be messy. Bibs can be a savior here.

15. Giraffe Teether / Toy – 1 or 2 teether / your baby’s favorite toy can help to distract the baby

16. Baby Hat / Caps –  Very important while travelling .

17. Baby Blanket – Baby blanket / soft towel can come handy if your baby is asleep or for you to breastfeed in public.

Even your car keys , wallet and lipbalm can be put in the diaper bag , so that you can avoid carrying your handbag 🙂

Please share with me what all you carry in your diaper bag.


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