How Do You Benefit From Waterproof Cochlear Implants?


Waterproof Cochlear ImplantsLeveraging over 30 years of experience in the development of cutting-edge hearing enhancement technology, Cochlear helps thousands of people improve their lives each year. Seeking to address hearing impairment across all of India, Cochlear implant clinics are present across the country and ready to serve.

Offering a variety of ear implants in its renowned Nucleus system, Cochlear addresses almost all levels of hearing impairment with tailored technological solutions. Working to improve lives on a daily basis, the cost of Cochlear implant surgery in India has never been more reasonable.

Hearing problems can complicate life’s simplest tasks, but with a Cochlear implant, different types of hearing impairment may be treated. You can read more about on how to make your Nucleus cochlear waterproof implant with Aqua+ accessory

Hearing loss and impairment affects people of all ages. Some are born with limitations while others are afflicted by degenerative conditions or have suffered injuries resulting in hearing problems.

With Cochlear implants, children may overcome developmental obstacles, grandparents can hear their grandchildren at play and victims of hearing loss could be able to make the most of every day. The ability to vastly improve hearing in a child can have massive impact on growth and socialization, and overall quality of life.

Waterproof Cochlear Implants:

One of the newest product integration from Cochlear is the Aqua+ waterproof hearing accessory for the Nucleus line of ear implants.

A simple silicon sleeve that slips over the Nucleus implant, the Aqua+ system allows users to enjoy water activities without worrying about the device.  Able to withstand submergence of 3m, the Aqua+ is truly waterproof, and not just water resistant.

Besides, it lets you do away with the cumbersome cases and bothersome cables while enjoying water activities.

Cochlear’s impressive line of Nucleus ear implants enable users to enjoy the ocean, watersports, swimming and even endure being caught in the rain. It is suitable for use in all types of water; from salty to soapy, from lakes to chlorine pools, and any type of watery space that is safe for skin contact, delivering best possible hearing in and out of water.

Children can take part in aquatic sports at school or in extracurricular settings, and users of all ages can enjoy their Nucleus devices almost anywhere where water is a factor. Highly light and compact, Cochlear’s waterproof ear implants are easy to store.

Inquire about the cost of Cochlear implant surgery at one of the many clinics present in this country. Cochlear hearing impairment and technology specialists will clearly articulate product offerings, implant specifics and tailor the right ear implant to suit your needs.

Hearing impairments are a serious problem but one that can be addressed – with Cochlear, the solutions are simple.


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