Top 10 Posts on Bumps n Baby


top 10 posts on Bumps n Baby

Yayy!! 100 posts in Bumps n Baby 🙂 !! Initially when I started writing here , I used to count my posts , and dreamed of the day when it would reach 50 . Before 3 days , Bumps n Baby had hit a century in terms of posts and I didn’t even notice. It was today , I had a glance of my total posts and I was amazed that I had completed 100. To celebrate this teeny weeny happiness, I present to you the TOP 10 posts on Bumps n Baby so far.

10. How to make Spinach Soup/Puree for 6 months+ baby?

IMG-20130209-00415Spinach is a powerhouse of iron and folic acid. Many moms wondered how they can introduce this leafy green to their babies. Well the delicious spinach soup is the answer mommas 🙂

9. Weight Loss Post Delivery – Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s Diet and Fitness Secrets

Shilpa-Shetty-290403130429165621The simply superb and curvaceous mom is back in town to flaunt her fab body and how can we mommas miss out on her diet, fitness and exercise secrets?. Dig here into the post link for her secret mantras 🙂

8. Garbharakshambika slokam/stotram/chants for safe delivery

Are you a mom to be ? Or is your preggu wife worried and stressed ? Don’t worry . Garbharakshambika chants/slokas help pregnant women to relieve stress and tension. Chanting helps to increase the inner peace and leaves no room for frustrations which peaks during the pregnancy phase

7.Dermadew Aloe Cream for baby and you – Review

kiDermadew Aloe Cream is ideal for your baby right from the initial months . The post is written by a mom whose doctor prescribed this cream for her baby when she had small red bumps in the body

6. How to make Moongdal Khichdi (mashed split yellow gram with rice) for 6 months+

image_5Moong dal Khichdi or mashed lentil rice is considered to be one of the best baby first foods. It is rich in proteins ,carbs and other essential nutrients required for the healthy development of babies

5. 9th month of pregnancy

Are you in your 9th month of pregnancy ? Feeling tired and worsening back aches ? Frequent urination urges ? Pain in the abdomen ? This post is a sure stop for all your queries from my experience

4. Agewise Height and Weight Chart for Babies

agewise height and weight chart for babiesAs moms we are always concerned about our babies , especially weight and height. This post gives you a ful fledged agewise height and weight chart for babies and kids.

3. From Flab To Fab – My Weight Loss Journey, Diet & Exercise Regime

imageGetting back to pre pregnancy shape is not an easy task , but possible if you take care of what you eat and what you do. This post is my weight loss journey , diets and exercises I incorporated in my daily routine . I hope this could inspire / motivate a mom or two to shed those baby fat 🙂

2. Which soap and massage oils are good for babies ( Guest Post by Bindu

castile-soap-recipeThis post by our Bindu Amrutham gives you a whole info. about the various options for soaps and massage oils for baby and kids. This post could definitely be useful for moms who are confused on which soaps and massage oils to choose for their baby

1. 15 Amazing Ways To Lose Tummy Fat Post Baby

tummy fatMost moms get back to their shape , but the lil pouch remains. Read my story on how I got rid of my tummy fat post baby with these 15 amazing ways.

Hope you had a good time reading these posts . Please let me know what you would love to read in Bumps n Baby . Taking this opportunity to thank all my readers, guest authors and visitors from the depth of my heart. Have a happy weekend . Stay Blessed


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