I am literally  dancing like crazy to see you here :).

I can see my download rushing towards your inbox.

Now, I need a teeny weeny help from you to sustain my happiness.

There’s a button that needs clicking on the download mail I have just sent you.  If you don’t click the button, I will be sad to see you leaving without being a part of my virtual family.

Do check your spam folder too in case you haven’t received a mail from me (yeah some mails are crazy just like that).

I assure you that you ARE NOT going to be subscribed twice if you are already on my list.

Being a mother myself, I know how busy your life is. But let me assure you, anywhere, anytime  you’re stuck up with parenting concerns – shout to me by hitting reply to my emails. I love to live by my mantra – ‘Simplifying Parenting’

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Sangeetha Menon