5 Practical Ways To Teach Hindi To Kids – Hindi Diwas Special


Have you been looking to introduce your child to Hindi language?

Looking ways on how to teach kids the national language of India?

On the occasion of the Hindi diwas celebration, here is an article on importance of Hindi and how to teach Hindi to kids.

how to teach hindi to kids

Hindi diwas is celebrated on 14th September in India to mark importance of the language in India and rest of the world. On 14th September 1949, Hindi was declared as the national language of India by the constituent. On the same day (14th September) Hindi was declared as the sofficial language for Indian union government and the state government.

Importance of Hindi Diwas and Hindi Language in modern India:

According to 2001 Indian census report, there are 258 millions of people in India who use Hindi as their native language and 120 million of people use Hindi as their second language.

It becomes a necessity to have a single official language in any country and Hindi speaking people being in such a high number makes it the language spoken by the majority of the people.

In addition, Hindi is one of the seven languages used to create the web addresses over the Internet. Having an official language strengthens the national unity. These points give Hindi diwas celebration a very prestigious linguistic importance.

Hindi Diwas celebration:

Hindi diwas is celebrated in schools, colleges and other Indian institutions. It is celebrated by conducting competitions and programs like dance, debate, singing, and story telling/ writing competitions which amount to the importance of the language.

While the school, colleges and other institutions celebrate Hindi diwas for a day; it becomes matter of worry to see the present day kids adapting English and avoiding their national language.

To save our national language, make children fluent in their national language, as it is one of the most important things to teach your kids. They are the ones who build the nation and in future may represent India in other nation too.

On this special day, I would like to share few interesting ways on how to increase use of Hindi among toddlers and kids.

How to teach Hindi to your kids? – 5 effective ways:

how to teach hindi to kids

It is natural for us as parents to get worried about our kid’s future, as the world is full of competition. This is the reason we prefer to speak/teach English language with our kids, which would help them to make them fluent in the language and make their journey through competitive life easy.

We should remember not to neglect our national language and make our kids and students fluent in Hindi as well to make them linguistically rich.

You can do this without disturbing your or your kid’s linguistic routine with each other. Just see that you use Hindi language with your kids/ students by following ways.

#1. Hindi rhymes/poems

Get few DVDs of Hindi rhymes/poems like “machali jal ki rani he”, “aasman me chandamama” etc. You may also get Hindi rhymes easily available online to download.

To make it interesting to your kids, get the animated version of the rhymes/ poems. Introducing your kids Hindi rhyme/poems would help them improve their Hindi vocabulary and grammar. This will also make them love this sweet and beautiful language.

#2. Audio visual Hindi stories

Kids are very much fond of stories and cartoons. Get them the DVDs of their favorite stories in Hindi. See that these stories have the good audio visual and animated effect to attract their visual stimuli too.

This would help them understand the language in better way by getting involved with their favorite story/cartoon characters. Watching and listening to Hindi stories also would improve their grammatical skills.

#3. Hindi movies

To watch good Hindi child movies with your kids is a great way to make your kid stronger in the language. Movie lover kids will have long time effect on their learning this way.

You can also refer to the famous Bollywood songs for children.

#4. Talk/ engage in Hindi activities with your kids

By teaching your kids at home, you may encourage your kid to talk with you in Hindi. Explain them the importance of their native language.

When you are free on weekends, engage in some fun activities with your kids. These activities may include making the chits on different topics and asking your kid to pick the chit and speak on that topic in Hindi, singing Hindi songs, speak on oneself in Hindi, reading/telling Hindi stories/poems etc.

Your linguistic role at home and in these activities will definitely have great impact on your kids’ learning abilities.

#5. Encourage your kid to participate in school Hindi day celebrations

Hindi diwas celebration is a good opportunity to show and improve your kid’s Hindi skills. Kids may hesitate to participate if they are not fluent/good enough at the language. Explain them that participation will enhance their linguistic skills and build confidence to speak the language confidently.

These ways to improve your child’s Hindi skills would definitely fetch you positive results.

I would recommend the website Hindikibindi for fun lessons to teach the language.

Be proud to be a “Hindustani”

“Hum sabka maan hai Hindi, Bharat desh ki shaan hai Hindi,

Hindi apanaao, Desh ka maan badhaao”

Happy Hindi Diwas.

Which language do you speak at home? If its Hindi, is your little one fluent in it? Does your little one enjoy hindi rhymes and songs?

Let us know ways that you adopt to inculcate Hindi language among your children.

Do share with me in comments.

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