8 Practical Tips for Surviving a Movie with your Kid (minus the drama)


Today I present to you a simple guide for surviving a movie with your little munchkin.

A friend of mine went to see the movie Minions 2 recently.

When asked for a review, she said “who knows? I couldn’t hear anything above the wails of a tiny little baby who can give Dolby atmos a run for their money. Yet another kid was badgering his mother because she got him cheese popcorn instead of caramel. Geez, I never want to have kids”- she said looking dejected.

Everybody who thought that ‘ well she doesn’t have kids, she will understand when she has one’, take a second and imagine yourself at a theatre with someone next to you talking loudly on his mobile. You see what I mean?

surviving a movie

Now, Minions is an animated movie, so what’s the harm in getting a kid you ask? There is no harm. But since the theatre is a public space, we need to ensure that we follow certain rules to ensure that we don’t spoil anybody’s movie going experience, just like we avoid cell phones during a movie.

8 Step guide to survive movie time with your kid:

I’m yet to come across any mom and baby movie screenings in India, but since we don’t have them, let us look at how we can make this experience a hassle free one.

My favorite is – turn to the grandparents for help. If you don’t stay in the city as your parents or in-laws and don’t want to wait that long for a DVD release, fret not, you still have hope.

Let us look at some simple tips to ensure that you can enjoy a movie at the theatre with your child.

#1. Choosing the right seat

Ensure that you have a seat near the exit, so that you can leave whenever you choose to.  Smaller kids have really short attention spans and they might get cranky.

Try and get a seat towards the back, for the tots will end up with a stiff neck otherwise.

#2. Make sure the movie is age appropriate

So you want to watch the latest action flick, and take your kid along. Everything goes well, your tot was a gem through the whole thing. You reach home and then you hear your little scream out a foul word he / she heard.

Well you can’t blame the director now, can you?

It’s our responsibility as parents to check the film’s certification to make sure that we are not taking a child to see something that he is not old enough to understand.

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#3. Noise levels

A 5 month old will not be able to comprehend the violence in an action movie or foul language. So does that mean we can take them to such a movie?

Watching the latest flick in a theatre which boasts of the latest sound systems might sound lucrative to you, but it would be too much for the little one. And if he/she is not in a position to tell you about it, they may start with the only way they know to communicate. Let out a long and hearty wail, leaving you to the mercy of the cold stares of others.

#4. Skip those advertisements

As I said before, kids get bored easily, so make the most of the time you have. Avoid the advertisements in the beginning so that your movie time is not affected.

#5. Make sure you have all the supplies you need

This can include your child’s favorite toy, snacks (if the theatre allows it and you don’t want your kid eating outside food), extra diapers, sanitizer, wipes, a sweater or a blanket (theatres can get pretty cold) etc.

#6. Time it right

Pick a show time that coincides with your child’s downtime.

Chances are that your tot might slowly sink into the plush chair and doze off (if you are lucky). Also pick a show that is not very crowded.

#7. Exit at the right time

If your tot is uncomfortable and starts to cry, and is showing no signs of quieting down, do leave. You would be doing your tot and the others a favor.

Besides you can always watch the movie again, rather than sit through the whole movie bearing the angry stares of strangers and dealing with an even more frustrated kid.

#8. For older kids

If your child is old enough to understand, do tell him or her about the do’s and don’ts at the theatre. It can include

  • No shouting, running around and littering
  • Doubts are fine, as long as they whisper

The main thing to remember is that, you have to be patient.

You may miss the climax because of a sudden ‘emergency’. There are a lot of variables. It won’t be easy, but once you have the basics in place, you are going to have some really admiring glances coming your way!

Hope this article on surviving a movie with your kid was useful.

Did/do you take your baby to the movie? What all do you ensure to make the movie experience a great one for both you and your baby? How was your first movie experience with your kid in the theatre?

C’mon share with me parents, I am all ears now 🙂


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