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rock a stack educational toysDo you think girls are always inclined to barbies and other soft toys where as boys to cars and chota bheem ? Not always ! My 1 year+ daughter doesn’t like dolls or soft toys . If she is offered a barbie , she would take a glance and the next moment you can seen it being thrown away :P. As parents we found that the splurge on barbies and other toys is a total waste here . Instead we started looking out for other options like educational toys. Today’s post is the review of one such – Rock a Stack Educational toys for babies from Fisher Price.


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Rock a Stack toy consists of 5 colorful rings and a stand to stack those rings in the decreased order of sizes. It base is sturdy and rocks back and forth .




It is called an educational toy . Why so ?

  1. Bright rings stimulates the baby’s senses especially the visual development
  2. Imparts knowledge about sizes and shapes to the baby
  3. Stacking builds baby’s sense of touch and increases hands on activity
  4. Gross motor skills are increased


  • No sharp edges to harm the baby
  • I guess it’s a classic good old game , the art of stacking rings . Reviving the old game is definitely a good thing
  • Light and compact suitable for babies
  • Bright colorful rings attract babies and my daughter loves to play with it
  • Increases a baby’s motor and visual skills
  • The base helps to give the baby grip and hold
  • Available online  and local toy stores as well
  • Price is reasonable


  • Though it’s mentioned that its made of safe and soft plastic, it’s not written BPA free



My daughter loves to play with it. She keeps on stacking the rings again and again. Sometimes she puts in the wrong order , then takes out the rings and then throws it away too. I showed her how to stack rings telling ‘One , Two , Three ‘ and so on. She mimics and stacks the ring uttering ‘ Shaa…, Shaa,.. Shaa ‘ , in the same way I have counted 😛

MY SUGGESTION TO FISHER PRICE : I wish the toy was made out of BPA free material.

WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS ? Yes for sure , if your baby is able to sit up then this is the ideal toy for him / her. Apart from a toy , I love the educational add-ons it provides in terms of coordination skills. This is a never go out of style toy I guess 😛


You can buy Stack a Rock Educational Toys for Babies by Fisher Price from here :


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  1. Nicely explained.. The five, dazzlingly-colored rings must help babies and toddlers with their hand-eye coordination, enhance basic motor skills, and colors.

    Thanks for reviewing this product.. It’s indeed a helpful piece of information for parents before opt this toy for their kids.

  2. Prajakta Samel on

    Hello ma’am,
    My baby is 11months old..I brought stack n rock rings for him..but instead of stacking the rings he is putting them in mouth…same is for other toys…he just keeps on leaking it normal? Please help..

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