10 Rainy Day Essentials for Toddlers and Kids


Today I bring to you the 10 rainy day essentials for toddlers and kids which a parent ought to invest in.

It’s pouring in most parts of the country this time of the year!

Rains bring a great sigh of relief from the scorching heat. The weather is moist and the humid conditions during the rainy season are the most conducive breeding ground for germs and mosquitoes. You can check out the natural ways to ward off mosquitoes.

rainy day essentials

However as parents it brings a lot of worry about our kids falling sick if they get drenched in rain or catching an infection. This is when the rainy gear comes handy.

10 must have rainy day essentials for toddlers and kids:

As a parent there are some must haves for your kids during the rains! Invest in these to prevent your child from falling prey to the weather!

#1. Umbrella

An umbrella still is the most important rainy gear for toddlers and adults alike.

Invest in a good quality umbrella that is handy and comfortable for the kids to carry. Ensure that it protects them from the rain well.

Buying the kid’s favorite cartoon or color will make it all the more fun for them to carry it around

#2. Rain coat

In the event of a stormy and heavy rainfall day, its important that there is a good rain coat to protect the kids. This will ensure that the clothes don’t get wet.

Prefer to buy a longer sleeve one and the ones with a hood. The thumb rule remains the same. Fancy and cartoon prints will add to their enthusiasm to put on their favorite gear!

#3. Footwear

Protecting your little one’s feet is very important during the rains since they tend to walk through marshy areas resulting in dirt accumulation and infections.

A good rainy foot wear is also important so that they don’t slip over a wet surface or swampy areas.

#4. Sanitizer

Clean hands are a must for kids during the kids.

Kids end up getting in contact with a lot of surfaces and thus increasing the risk of contaminating themselves with germs.

Encourage usage of a sanitizer and frequent washing of hands.

#5. Jackets

It tends to get very cold indoors during the rains.

Ensure that you have a jacket handy to prevent the kids from catching a cold or fever. This will keep them warm. There are jackets which can server as a raincoat as well.

#6. Towels

Its very important to carry a good absorbent towel wherever you go with your kids so that you can dry them off immediately just in case they get wet.

Invest in a good absorbent towel which is easy to carry around.

#7. Carry bags

Always keep a water proof carry bag with you to carry wet umbrellas or raincoats .It’s extremely important so that you don’t end up spoiling the other items in your bag.

#8. Wet wipes

If your child gets accidentally soiled or if you need to wipe him clean somewhere, these wet wipes are really useful. Keep a pack of wet wipes and tissues always with you.

#9. Change or clothes

Keep a pair of extra clothes with you just to be prepared in case your child gets wet and you can get him or her out of wet clothes at the earliest.

#10. Snacks

Always carry some light snacks for your kid so that just in case you are stuck outdoors for a long time, you don’t need to buy something for the kid from outside.

You can refer to the 20 on the go healthy snacking options for toddlers and kids.

Outside eating is a big NO NO during rains.

Hope you enjoyed reading the 10 rainy day essentials for toddlers and kids.

How about the monsoon essentials for your little toddler? Have you bought them? What is his/her favorite rainy day gear? Does it have their favorite cartoon print on it? Share with me friends 🙂


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