I Prefer Giving my Kid Quail Eggs Over Chicken Eggs – 4 Reasons Why


Yes you read it correct- quail eggs!!

Have you tried quail eggs?

Do you know that quail eggs have some added benefits when we do a quail eggs vs chicken egg comparison?

I am sure you will run to your grocery to order some quail eggs after you read this post. Yes its a quail eggs over chicken eggs post 😛

quail eggs over chicken eggs

In my childhood I used to consume quail eggs, but rarely as chicken eggs were always the favorite on the menu. Quail eggs are also known as kada mutta, kadai muttai, batera ka anda etc.

Quail eggs became a part of my diet once I became pregnant. It was my in-laws who suggested I take quail eggs throughout my pregnancy and beyond as it has immense health benefits. You can refer to the article on ideal food chart for a pregnant woman.

I have been using quail eggs for three years and can say without a doubt that they are the best.

4 Reasons why I prefer quail eggs over chicken eggs for my baby and me:

Quail eggs have a taste similar to chicken eggs, are small, speckled and cute. Reyhan can easily hold one or two in his tiny hands. That’s why he loves his share of quail eggs. Obviously kids fall for cute small things!!

But for a mom like me, the above reason is not enough to make quail eggs as a part of the daily diet. I have better reasons.

#1. No allergies

Quail eggs have a good amount of ovomucoid protein. This particular protein is the main ingredient in most of the anit-allergy drugs. So without doubt if you can get this anti-allergy protein through a natural source like quail eggs, why not try some.

If you are delaying introducing eggs to your kid due to a fear of egg allergy, then quail eggs are a better option. They don’t cause egg allergy as chicken eggs do.

#2. No salmonella bacteria

The one thing I always took care through out my pregnancy was to avoid raw or soft-boiled chicken eggs due to the fear of salmonella.

The good news is you can get all the goodness of an egg and avoid the fear of a salmonella bacteria if you choose to eat quail eggs.

Quails have a body temperature higher than chicken and in this high temperature salmonella cannot survive. So they are salmonella safe.

Also lysosome is an enzyme found in quail eggs and can kill bacteria. This makes them less likely to get contaminated and infected compared to chicken eggs.

#3. More nutritious than chicken eggs

In Malayalam there is a saying– ”Aayiram kozhiku ara kaada.” which translates toFor 1000 chicken half a quail is enough.”

In fact researches show that quail eggs have 3 to 4 times nutritioinal value than chicken eggs.

Here is a list of the nutritional value of quail eggs.

  • Quail eggs contain 13% protein where as chicken eggs has only 11%
  • You can get the much needed Vitamin A and choline from quail eggs
  • Quail eggs have more iron content than chicken eggs.
  • Rich in phosphorus and calcium than their counterpart, chicken eggs.
  • Quail eggs have a high level of good fat content, i.e HDL cholesterol content
  • Has good amount of Vitamin B2
  • Rich in ovomucoid proteins and lysozyme

#4. Immense health benefits

Health benefits of quail eggs are so many that it is considered as a medicine for many diseases.

Medicinal value of quail eggs is largely exploited by Chinese medical practitioners, for over more than hundred years. They have been successfully using quail eggs to treat many diseases including asthma, metabolic diseases, ulcers, nervous system disorders and so on.

The treatment mostly includes consumption of certain number of quail eggs for certain number of days depending on the disease and age and gender of the person.

Here are a few health benefits that quail eggs can offer.

  • As they are the best natural source of iron, vitamin A and B12, quail eggs have the capacity to rejuvenate the cells of the body. So it is best as a post-partum diet and also for patients recovering from surgery.
  • As they are rich in ovomucoid proteins and lysozyme they are good to suppress inflammation and infections that can lead to asthma, allergy, eczema and psoriasis
  • Consuming quail eggs during breastfeeding increases the quality of breast milk
  • Has the capacity to remove toxins from the blood and is considered good for kidney stone, liver stone and bladder stone due to the presence of potassium, magnesium and vitamin B6
  • Two quail eggs a day for kids improves their overall physical and mental health
  • It increases the IQ of kids and also increases metabolic rate
  • Quail eggs when consumed is good for improving the glossiness of your hair and skin
  • Are a natural remedy for ulcers in stomach and also gastritis as these eggs are alkaline forming product
  • Good for bone and teeth as they can supplement your calcium needs
  • Good for kids with anemia as they are rich in iron
  • Reduces stress and can increase sexual potential
  • Are said to subdue the growth of cancerous cells

How to eat quail eggs?

The ideal way to consume quail egg is eat it raw!! It is said that heating the quail eggs leads to cut down its nutritional value.

But I am not so comfortable with the idea of eating it raw. So I use it the normal way as you would use a chicken egg. You can refer to the 8 egg recipes for babies and kids.

I use it to make omelets and egg scrambles. In egg fried rice and egg noodles I use quail eggs. I use it pretty much in every way as we would use a chicken egg. You can also refer to the egg pudding recipe.

Only thing you have to take care is limit the intake to less than 10 quail eggs a day for adults and maximum 2 eggs for kids.

More than 20 quail eggs a day along with other foods like carrot can lead to too much of Vitamin A.  So consume quail eggs daily but moderately to get all the benefits and no side effects.

So that was all about the tiny speckled eggs full of nutrients and minerals. Hope you understood why I prefer quail eggs over chicken eggs for my son and family.

Do you give quail eggs to your baby? If not start from today. Your tot will be happy to eat a smaller version of this regular eggs.

Did you take quail eggs during pregnancy?

Share with me in comments please.


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  1. My son is 3.5yrs old. He takes 5 quail eggs when he wants to. That is somedays he refuses to take. Moreover he doesn’t take carrot or other vegetables much. Is it OK to take that much eggs?

  2. Israel Thomas on

    If you live in Bangalore, you can buy fresh quail eggs from Kalavara.com. They’ll deliver it to your doorstep.

  3. Hi Anu,

    Wonderful piece of information. Yesterday evening by 8pm I have given Quail egg to my 1.7 year old baby.
    At night by 2am he had vomited the food without digestion.
    Is this problem happened because of digestion problem, that i gave egg at night?
    When can i give quail egg to my baby?

    • Fousiya,

      Yes you can. But as egg is an egg, be it chicken or quail, I would suggest you first start with quail egg yolk. Give only one at first. Watch for allergies and then if no allergy you can give it to your baby. Boil the egg properly.

      Quail eggs don’t generally cause allergy, but always follow 4 to 5 day golden rule and also look for allergies whatever food you introduce.

  4. Hello. Thanku so for such an informative post. Whoever asking dat where to find in mumbai so i just bought quail eggs yesterday from sahakari bhandar (matunga branch) its a super market with branches all over mumbai. They hav boxes of these eggs containing 12 eggs in each box,u can go nd buy der

  5. Hi Anu,

    Superb Information. My daughter has egg allergy so I think I can give this Quail Eggs for her. Can I know where can I get it in Chennai.


    • Yes Vandhaana you can try giving her Quail eggs. But please do look for allergies after she eats one. Its said they don’t cause allergy, but we never know what can trigger a reaction as each child is different.

      Try giving her yolk of one egg for the first day. Look for any allergy and then after 2 days you can start giving whole egg. Limit to 2 quail eggs a day.

  6. Hello Anu, Got a new information on quail eggs. As you said will surely run for these eggs. Let me correct you, salmonella is not a virus, it’s a bacteria salmonella bacteria causes mainly food poisoning.

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