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Planning a surprise baby shower?

Searching high and low in vain to get theme based party supplies for your kiddo’s birthday party/your friend’s wedding?

Confused on how to organize your Big Day?

Looking for ways to make the celebrations memorable and special for your guests?

Be it a birthday celebration, birth announcement, baby shower, wedding, bachelorette party, anniversary or festival, celebrations are a part of Indian culture.

For all the good things, special occasions and the success we achieve, one question that our dear and near have is,” Arrey Yaar, when is the Party? !! “☺Yes, parties are the highlight of every happy occasion we share and memory we cherish.

Of course, attending a party is full on fun and easy but you all will agree to the point that organizing one is a real headache.

In spite of days of planning and shopping for party supplies and spending hours arranging and decorating everything, you sometimes might not be able to bring that WOW factor to your party.

This is where Planet Jashn comes into the scene; to make things easy as pie and help you organize the perfect fun filled party.

planet jashan

What is Planet Jashn?

Planer Jashn, an event planning company, was born when a team of creative and passion driven youngsters came forward to change the face of celebrations, for the better, forever.

Knowing the importance of celebrations in Indian culture this group of entrepreneurs, headed by Mr. Anubhav Aggarwal, is all geared up to help you plan the perfect party to make special occasions even more special.

From selecting the party venue, to theme and organizing party supplies and games, Planet Jashn is all there to cater to your needs as a host.

Handover your party organizing task to Planet Jashn and relax. They will just do it right for you and you will become the perfect host with tons of appreciation from your guests for hosting a wonderful party.

What makes Planet Jashn special?

Be it a wedding or baby shower, a graduation party or anniversary, a kitty party or corporate event, Planet Jashn can conceptualize and create many memorable events and parties for your friends and family. The team has a knack for understanding what the occasion demands and will create the right event around it.

Some of the score points of Planet Jashn are as follows.

  • Own Showroom

planet jashn

Its large showroom at Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, has a wide collection of party supplies, to leave you totally amazed.

This is definitely a plus point as all your dealings will be with Planet Jashn and no third party or outsider is involved and this makes things go smoother.

  • Online Shopping

Planet Jashn also provides you the option to shop for your party supplies online and have the facility to deliver them to your doorstep.  Visit the Planet Jashn store to place your orders online. Isn’t that cool?!!

Moreover, they also have a Facebook page.

  • Wide collection of theme based party supplies

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The other highlight is the comprehensive collection of theme based party supplies they have in stock. Theme parties are the new trend and even the youngest member in your family would have decided which theme to choose for her/his birthday party.

You can also check out the fun filled birthday party themes and 25 Birthday Return Gifts.

Speaking from personal experience, I know how difficult it is to find the party supplies when you stick to a theme.

But Planet Jashn is the answer to all your difficulties and has a wide range of theme based party supplies. Be it invitations, character balloons, tableware, candles, wearables, decoratives, photo booth placards, loot bags, favor bags, party game supplies- you name it, they have it.

A quick browsing through their online site left me surprised by the collection of party supplies they have. Spiderman theme, Disney princess party theme, Disco theme, Glitzy Girl theme, Cowboy or Barnyard theme – be it any theme, the party supplies are ready in stock for Planet Jashn.

planet jashn

planet jashn party

Click here to get a glimpse on the variety of birthday party themes this amazing store offers.

For baby shower they have Tiny Bundle, Great Expectations, Fisher Price baby and Parenthood theme for making your Mom – to – be celebration memorable.

planet jashn

You can also read about the 32 fun filled baby shower games.

After the baby shower, what next?  Birth announcement!!!

This smart group of event organizers have thought well and come up with unique birth announcement themes too. Click here to know more.

themes for your little princesses birthday party

  • Complete wedding organizing

And when you have a wedding coming soon, then also Planet Jashn is all set to please you. They can turn all your wedding related ceremonies into grand functions and make it just the way you wished for.

With the ‘Love Birds’ theme for your ring ceremony or the ‘Vegas’ theme to rock your Bachelor party or the ‘Rock n Roll’ Theme for sangeet ceremony, or the ‘Bollywood’ theme for Mehndi function, Planet Jashn ensures that the most important days of your life are filled with memorable, sweet and precious moments.

These event planners also offer multiple choices for venue, themes and décor to select from according to your preference. They give you provision to choose customized invites to make your guests feel even more special.  They arrange photography, videography and make light and sound arrangements too.

Though most of our wedding functions are religious in nature the fun element is also an integral part of all weddings. For this, Planet Jashn does Family dance choreography, and also provides various entertainment concepts to engage each and every guest you have.

Going one step forward, these party planners also aesthetically cater to the needs of the clients and provide customized car decorations and nuptial room decorations.

In addition to this, Planet Jashn offers an array of Balloon bouquets, Centerpieces, Gift options and many other unique items, which when given as wedding gifts, are bound to leave a lasting impression on the newly weds.

Click here for more details to plan your wedding with Planet Jashn.

  • Undertake all types of parties

Most of the event management companies stick on to a specific type of parties, or weddings or corporate events. But Planet Jashn undertakes all types of functions, both indoors or outdoors. They also undertake New-Year parties, Halloween party, Christmas and other functions. In short, Planet Jashn can completely take care of any celebration that you plan to have.

All this surely makes Planet Jashn one of the best event planning companies in India.

So why wait? Life is to celebrate and Planet Jashn is there to make all your celebrations happening.

Visit Planet Jashn for all your party related needs, be it birthdays, anniversaries, baby shower or social or religious function.

Then sit back, relax and rejuvenate to play the perfect host on the day that matters and leave your guests spell bound by throwing a perfect party with the help of Planet Jashn and lap up all the compliments that come your way.


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