Pigeon Feeding Bottle – Review


Anshika was not bottle fed. The moment she puts her lips on the plastic nipple of the feeding bottle her face changes , and she immediately discards it. But as I wanted to resume job , I wanted Anshika to be on bottle-feed so that my milk could be fed with the bottle even if I am away during the day. That’s when my hubby sent me this feeding bottle. Today’s post is the review of Pigeon Feeding bottle.


Pigeon feeding bottle comes in a white and red box packaging. The bottle is of 120 ml, transparent and made up of unbreakable material. The nipple is made up of silicone rubber.

PRICE : 215 INR for 120 ml bottle with silicone rubber


Air Ventilation System: Peristaltic Nipple ensures minimum air intake and guides milk smoothly into baby’s stomach during feeding.

Peristaltic Motion: Peristaltic motion is the smooth wave-like motion of a baby’s tongue. A baby moves its tongue like a wave, rolling it front to back to extract milk. It is very important for the natural development of a baby that this action be encouraged.The ultra soft silicone rubber with its double thickness, ensures ideal softness and elasticity so that your baby can latch on comfortably and easily. The shape fits perfectly with your baby’s tongue, allowing smooth tongue movement and minimizing air intake.


  • BPA free
  • Leak proof
  • Can be sterilized
  • Firm grip and compact
  • Can be washed and cleaned easily
  • The clear markings on the transparent bottle gives an idea of how milk is consumed by the baby
  • Available in Flipkart, amazon and medical stores too


Nothing !!


I was superhappy with the pigeon feeding bottle though Anshika never accepted bottles. The size of the bottle , grip everything is just perfect. So I started using Pigeon feeding bottle along with Medela bottles for storing milk and water.

WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS ? Yes of course . A must buy if your baby accepts bottle. I felt its a good feeding bottle to start with.


Which feeding bottle did you use/ still use for your baby ? Do share with us.


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Sangeetha loves balancing her personal and professional life. These days, the major chunk of her time is spent on listening to 'how to beat the Piggy from robloks'; thanks to her 8 year old daughter.


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  2. Hi sangeetha,

    I am using hello baby bottle and pigeon nipple for my son. previously i used M size nipple,recently i am using Y cut nipple from pigeon,the pbm is milk is not coming.my son was very comfortable with pigeon nipple, i tried hello baby nipple he did not drink ,he likes only pigeon nipple. M size nipple is not enough for my baby,plz give me sum suggestion ,i m really worried about him

    • Hi Sheeba ,

      Can you try any other nipples or increase the hole width of Y cut nipple .. You can also get other branded nipples in the market . Try and test is the method..

  3. I have a Pigeon’s feeding bottle with a spoon attached. We had then bought the nipple separately. I still the use Pigeon’s bottle and I really like the product.

  4. Hey Sangeetha,

    I have had terrible experience with the pigeon feeding bottles. In multiple occasions, the nipple got sucked right into the bottle creating a frightful noise of suction. My baby started howling each time and it scared the shit out of me as I first thought that he had swallowed the nipple. I reached out to some experienced mommy friends and they suggested avent. I have been a happy avent user since those frightful episodes with pigeon. Will strongly recommend avent over pigeon. The nipple shape and quality is very different. Avent s is more similar to shape of breast and the nipple is firmer. There is a good reason why avent bottles are twice as expensive as pigeon.

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